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The Golden Rule to Understanding Spiritually is not intellect, but it is Obedience! Let's move forward in obedience to what He has us do, even when - or better yet, even though - we don't comprehend it!
Record time in getting shipment through customs.  Crane Logistics and the Croatia RBI (a local non profit) did all the leg work to make the customs and shipment transfer go as smoothly as possible. I wish to thank them from the bottom of my heart for walking alongside us.  Damir, a member of RBI, was a tremendous help navigating the waters and communicating with the customs agent constantly! 

Handing out equipment to all the teams has been just short short of heavenly! As one player said when they walked into the warehouse and received the equipment, "I have come to heaven!" We have handed out much of the 16,000 pounds to various sports organizations: hockey, karate, football and baseball teams. We have more organizations coming in the next few days before I leave an…


HiS PRINT is all about relationships and has nothing to do with religion. First, our relationship with Jesus Christ is of the utmost importance! Loving and trusting in Him and Him alone allows us to enter into a Father and Son relationship with our Daddy God who made us in His own image, gifted us with HiS Holy Spirit and loves us enough to choose how we will live our life! For Him? Living and loving with each breath and step we take, which for HiS PRINT leads us directly into what we are all about! A team who loves people where they are and loves them 'till they ask why! Building relationships with people so they can see Jesus and develop a relationship with Him. This year our team exemplified what it meant to be a church without walls, which is exactly what the church is: not a building, but a body of believers living and serving together, wherever we go and with whomever we meet! 38 people from 14 different church bodies coming together for the sole purpose of sharing our rela…


At first glance, how many of you said to yourself, "Mossman doesn't know how to spell, and even spell -check failed to change the spelling?" It's actually the best word I could come up with to describe the Amazing, Awe inspiring God, who continually shows up in Maximum ways! 
As you all know by now I am still in Croatia! I was due to go home on July 15th, but cancelled my return and stayed behind because I thought I needed to be here when the shipment arrived (it was delayed and is not due to arrive until middle of this week - either Tuesday 7/26 or Wednesday 7/27.) I am so limited in my understanding, and the God we serve has much more meaningful and relational reasons than the logistics of a shipment! Don't get me wrong, there is a lot that has been done and accomplished with cleaning out the garages here at HiS HOUSE and establishing an inventory and organization with Coach Antonio at the new warehouse, but that could have been done with or without me! But th…

"God's forgiving grace not only heals, but also wipes away the past and the pain!" Merrill Unger

Forgiving in our own strength has limitations; our pride hangs on to the hurt caused and the pain created! Forgiving through the power and love of the Holy Spirit loosens the grip of self and elevates the image of Christ!
I'm not really sure how to explain all that is going on these last few days! Knowing I was supposed to return back home on the 15th, I was missing my bride and somewhat homesick. But God started making new paths of ministry.  Watching Him work makes me, a man who sends texts longer than most short stories, wordless!
Here's just a glimpse of His handiwork: Matei, a former camper from Zagreb who has participated every year since 2010, reached out by Messenger at 2:00 a.m. He lost his father this past week and he was sad. We had a good discussion and I then asked if I could come and see him, so this morning, Friday, I am going to Zagreb to spend time with him. Praying for open doors to share and talk about Jesus' love.This weekend HiS HOUSE will be open for …


1st, 2nd or 3rd - Where is God in Your Life? I used to say or live by: God Family
I don't count till I get to three.  
But now I realize it must be:
I don't count until He becomes all three! 
Our vision of God depends on the state of our character; character determines revelation! And revelation of Him won't come 'till He's replaced everything else in our lives! To fulfill God's design means entire abandonment to Him! Whenever I want things for myself, I distort the relationship and I interfere with what God intended with our relationship! 
Although I miss my bride and family dearly, having this time left here in Croatia at HiS HOUSE has been an awesome time with God, without the busyness and business of the world swirling around me! Not much in the way of sounds of a house filled with people waking and scurrying around, preparing for the days of ministry work, just sounds of God's creation waking to a new day in the form of birds, frogs and other …


One word comes to mind when thinking of the library program this year—change. Very little of our library program happened the way we expected from past years. There were many obstacles in the way which took away from the traffic in the library including some of our program being cut, illnesses, a massive change in librarian staff, a new city swimming pool, craft programs in Sisak, and even a technology program overlapping with ours within the library. These changes greatly decreased the amount of students involved in the program and initially hit me like a punch to the stomach. I had many doubts about whether or not I was fit to lead this program and if it should even continue after this year. 
Through it all my fellow members of HiS Print reminded me that God was still at work. With less children, we were able to bond more with each child, as well as with the librarians, and build upon those relationships. Regardless of the lack of attendance, God hand-picked each child and libraria…


The majority of the team members who came on this year's Mission Learning Opportunity have made it safely home and reunited with their families! Praise God for their service here and thanks to each of their families and the sacrifices they made while they were here! 
Only Heidi, who returns Tuesday, and myself are left and HiS HOUSE echoes of the past month and all the ministry that went on here! I can see and feel how Janko would feel lonely after a flurry of activity that goes on and then slowly the team returns home and the HOUSE becomes silent. 
I was able to participate in the Storks last practice of the season last night (Saturday) and had a blessed time! We have had 4 new Storks join the club since camp and they have come to every practice since! They are quick learners and last night we introduced them to actually playing the game! Had a blast watching them figure out running the bases as well as how to play defense. We leave them in great hands with Coach Antonio and I a…

HiS PRINT - Building Bridges between Cultures; Closing Gaps in Relationships!

God has just blessed me beyond measure on this trip and I can hardly contain myself on what He continues to do! Every day God brings a new relationship across my path as well as establishes opportunities to deepen existing ones! My head is literally spinning and my mind is continually spinning with all that is going on and all that needs to get done! 
The first thing I must share with you is a Facebook conversation that took place on Sunday between Vukasin and myself. It just blessed my socks off and gave me confirmation from God that we would return in the future. Enjoy this short conversation and grasp what I mean! 
MESSAGE FROM VUKASIN, organizer of the camp.  "I just had a shower after some cleaning up and im just sitting on my terrace with a big smile on my face. I rarely lack words, and now i just can't explain how happy i am. THANK YOU."
MY RETURN "Looking forward to conversations in the future! Thanks for taking a risk on HiS PRINT! I know you stuck your nec…


Life has to be lived moving forward, but can only be understood by looking back! Why look back? To learn, to educate yourself. You learn not only from information, but the greatest teacher is experience! 
Experience is indeed what we have had! Here in Serbia God has blown open doors larger than we could have ever imagined to help clubs with knowledge through camp, donated equipment necessary to allow them to play properly, and most importantly to share Christ's love! American football here is huge with 38 teams throughout Serbia participating and God is opening the doors to reach regional as well as national alliances! 

Vukasin is our Serbian man of peace who invited us to his country after attending HiS Print's 2016 Slovenia Football Camp. He is part of the FACT Alliance (Football Alliance Committee for The Balkans) we put together at the beginning of June to help with equipment distribution through the Balkan region. He introduced me to National President as well as several…


Over the past 12 years and the multiple trips that I have taken here to Croatia and across The Balkans and Eastern Europe, there have be more blessings than I can even begin to number and although can't recollect each of them currently, I know it doesn't take long for me to bring them to the forefront! This trip is no different and before I forget them I would like to mention a few!  The opportunity to work with the full Croatia National Little League team for a week! We introduced the idea last year and they brought 4 or 5 players to our camp so that we could work with them. This year they bought into the concept of bringing the entire team and we held a special 4 day camp just for them! Trust and mutual respect is being developed a little each year and we are extremely grateful to have that opportunity to teach the game and share Christ's love!  Blessed to have my niece Brenda and her husband Marion and 6 of their 7 children come and join HiS PRINT from Indiana! In the pa…