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Croatian Migration 2019 Wednesday - Thursday

Hello Folks, Whirlwind continues and gathers speed to almost hurricane force blessings. What a pace we have kept these past 7 days. Crazy busy but still having time to build relationships and love them right where they are and they are asking why at each stop and during each event. It has been such a special time for the players and parents, from talking with host families, to the HiS PRINT team and other supporters who have come out to several of the events and games, to new friends we have made throughout this adventure. Many of the Croatian leaders and parents have committed how much they have appreciated the hospitality and friendship shown while they have been here! Thanks to each of you for your prayer support through all of this and those who have had the opportunity to come out and support in person! It's truly an amazing display of Christ's love in action!  Below you will see all that has occurred since Tuesday and my last blog. I have tried to reduce

Croatian Migration Update!

Wow, what a whirlwind of activities the Croatian Little League players, coaches and parents are experiencing! We have kept them very busy on the field with practices and games, as well as activities around town to visit historical places and to have fun!   Easter Sunday Sunday was a real highlight for me and the rest of the HiS PRINT team. We extended an invitation for our guests to join us for Easter church services, but we did not make participation mandatory. Well, all 51 people chose to join us for worship services! We followed Easter worship with a picnic and games in the back yard of Fellowship Bible Church. It was a great day of worship, fellowship and fun. Many of the conversations revolved around the Croatians asking us why we do what we do. All of them expressed how much they enjoyed church and the opportunity to share our lives with one another. Many then headed to Galveston for an evening on the boardwalk. Monday Monday was a wonderful tou

Croatian Migration Continues

Hello Folks, Apologies for not keeping you up to date on the migration. It has literally been non-stop since they landed on Wednesday night. Trying to describe all that is going on and happening is also extremely difficult! So much physically going on, but also the emotional connections and the spiritual awakening happening around us is heart warming. The loving them till they ask why is happening all over the place and we are having the awesome opportunity to share Him!  Thursday Thursday we visited NASA Space Center and went shopping at Baybrook Mall (Dicks and Academy are probably the highlight of everyone's list of places to go!) Friday Then on Friday we practiced on the Houston Baptist University baseball field on a perfect day and followed that up with a trip to the Bayou Wildlife Park down in Al

Croatian Migration Has Begun!

Croatian Migration Has Begun! Equipment Distribution Wow what a busy time since our return home from our Spring MLO in March. Been busy packing for Iceland, Turkey and Nigeria as well as collecting from several high schools, church and little leagues across Houston. The equipment continues to go out across the world and God continues to replenish it every time! Blessed to witness this every time something is requested and shipped out, someone calls and asks us to come pick up more gear.  For the past month we had a young Croatian visitor, Nedo, staying with us and participating in football workouts for t