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Croatia 2013 - Final Summary

Howdy Folks, Wanted to wait a couple of days before writing a summary of the trip so I could reflect on all that went on this summer. I am not sure I will ever totally grasp all that went on and the total impact that was made, we will have to wait until we are on the other side of heaven to receive that information, but God did teach this old dog some important things that I would like to implement in my own daily life. Feel like I can speak Texan again since I am once again on home soil and feeling good about returning to our homeland, even though it is hot and muggy, the warmth of family far out weighs anything else! Our return home was without incident and all luggage made it safely home. It was a long day of flying and lugging luggage across the globe, but was all worth it when you sit back and reflect on all that God had done through this years HiS PRINT mission team! Please take time to watch this short video that summarizes most of what we did this summer. Katie Lamb, who o

Croatia 2013 - Day 18 Closing Day

Hello Folks, Well today marks the end of Croatia Mission 2013 as we head back to Texas tomorrow morning very early. We are tired and for the most part spent, but are delighted to be a part of God’s mission team to Croatia. So many neat things happened tonight at the send off and goodbye party we held at Janko’s. Most of the Storks came, Neven and Mia stopped by earlier on their way to the coast, and other people from town. Coach Daniel and his wife Marina stopped by and we had a nice visit together. I love my brother very much and it is neat to see our friendship grow bigger every year! Barbara, the librarian stopped by to say our goodbyes and to kidnap Shannon for awhile so she could ask her some questions about faith. Shannon knew this was coming and she asked me for prayer earlier in the afternoon. Barbara has been touched deeply by this trip and her friendship with Shannon is deepening as she draws nearer to God. I hugged her before they walked away and she whispered her thank yo

Croatia 2013 - Day 17 Polish Serbian Style

Hello Folks and appreciate your care and prayers for my time in Poland! Incredible experience and one I will forever remember and reflect on for many years! To see God’s handiwork and bringing all this together is a privilege to be a part of. I made it back to my second home here in Croatia late last night at 11:30 and after getting a shower, a great meal of leftovers and a great nights sleep I want to try and remember all that happened yesterday on my last day in Poland with Coach Robert and his daughter, Kornelia! Only have met Coach Robert last year here in Sisak at the European Baseball Tournament and only spending time with him in short spurts while with other people, I was not sure how our time together would work out. But if you ever have had the experience of seeing a long lost uncle or cousin for the first time in many, many years, that is the feeling I have for my new family in Poland! They made me feel right at home and Kornelia actually called me uncle and her hugs and

Croatia 2013 - Polish Style Day 2

Hello Folks and thanks for all the prayers for my family. Those prayers have definitely lifted me up as well as my mom and dad. Well today went above and beyond my expectations and you would think that I would not be surprised since i know God is in control and His hand continues to lead me through incredible experiences. What a busy day and the non stop pace started early and didn't quite until about a half hour ago with dinner. Since Robert's son Tony is in the hospital and his wife is staying with him, he wanted to cook and we had a great dinner of chicken and onions and a wonderful Polish bread with mushrooms, butter and cheese. It was awesome and the fresh mushrooms from the forest did the trick! By the way \i have a new best friend. It is Coach Robert's daughter, Kornelia! She just came and gave me a big hug and laid her head on my shoulder while I was on Skype with Debbie. Blessed by this home and when Robert asked tonight if he could pray, that it was his turn, I

Croatia 2013 - Day 15 Poland Style!

Hello Folks from Poland! I am in a small village about 120 kilometers south of Gdansk. Flew in last night and had a restful night sleep. i am typing from a Poland computer and the keyboard is somewhat different from English and Croatian. i want to send you what i wrote while traveling yesterday and the reflections of the mission trip thus far.\I had about 3 hours to kill in the Zagreb airport and spent the time taking a small nap and then jounaling. I went out on the deck up stairs and found a couch in the shade and took a little nap. It was about 82 degrees with a very cool breeze. Quite pleasant and will miss that when i return to Houston. Mike and Rachel just went to their gate to head home and we said our goodbyes. Found out they made it home safely! Just sitting and enjoying the down time is very enjoyable and I realized how much on the go we have been this year going to all the places. It has been nice not going to the hardware stores to get building supplies like last yea

Croatia 2013 - Day 14

Hello Folks, As this day winds down and we look back at all that was done, it is hard to remember it all. Being tired is definitely a contributing factor, but it is more because of all that we do on a daily basis and so many different things and ways to minister. This morning was again the orphanage and when we arrived we found out that over half the children were gone to the coast for a few days. We were disappointed, because today we wanted to hand out all the beautiful hand made knitted hats to the little girls. There were several girls and boys that took one and we gave the rest to the principal and asked that she hand them out and take pictures for us. She was so happy to receive them and told me to say thank you to the ladies who made them, which I will be sure to tell them. Katie did a cheerleading program for the 10 or 11 that were there and they had a good time. We went out and played with the kids for awhile and then headed back to Sisak. I stayed behind to meet the c

Croatia 2012 - Day 13

Hello Folks,   We serve an awesome God and it is through HiS power, strength and love we are able to do immeasurably more than we could ever think of imagine! Day 13 and blessed to be used to leave HiS PRINT down the path he leads us! Today was another incredible day of serving Him and sharing Christ through our opportunities to love on the kids in Croatia. To see the smiles on these young people’s faces when we come and share and play with them warms the heart to its deepest core.   First I want to say a few "thank you"s to some people who deserve it. Thanks to you all who are reading this and taking the time out of your busy schedules to read about what is going on and to keep us in your prayers. Without those prayers we would not be able to accomplish what we have done. Without your support of finances, equipment and supplies we would not be able to touch the hearts we have been able to as a result of your generosity! Thanks so much for your love and dedication to

Croatia 2013 - Day 12

Hello Folks, The energy level is not at its highest and I am trying to catch up on some much needed rest. Shannon dropped me off at the airport around noon after we spent the morning and my flight to Split is not until 2:30 but excited to go. I will write more once the day is over and I am back in Sisak. Whirlwind trip to Split and back but it was worth every minute of the 18 hours I was there! This morning we went back to the SOS Orphanage and Marde spoke on Texas Weather and NASA and the kids loved it. We stayed and broke up into groups and played with the kids at different things. Stefan, Robert and Dalton went and played soccer with a group. Rachel went and danced with a group of young girls and they had a ball with her learning new steps. Shannon and I played with some kids with footballs and sidewalk chalk and Heidi, Marde and Erin spent time with some of the younger boys and girls. It was incredible to witness the different activities going on and us just having the o

Croatia 2013 - Day 11

Day 11 Monday was a day of new beginnings as well as a day of keeping your promise. We went back to the SOS Orphanage for the second year and put on an information session on Cowboys. The Orphanage is located in a small village about 30 minutes outside of Sisak. We were there last year for two days but were asked to come back for a longer stay this year. We have planned everyday a talk that covers something about Texas that the kids would like to learn about. Today was Cowboys and Rusty gave the talk and to watch a gentleman of the older variety lite up and talk about the old west and share his YEEEEE HAAWWWWW with a room full of little children was a delight to witness.  We handed out cowboy straw hats and bandannas and the children had a ball. After the talk we spent about 45 minutes playing with the children in the yard. Not sure who was blessed more, them having adults play with them or us in having the chance to pour into this young little hearts. They especially like th

Croatia 2013 - Day 10

Hello Folks Day 10 and counting!! When is 60 feet 6 inches to long? When a 52 year old tries to pitch to a bunch of younger Croatians! Yep, you guessed it!  I threw in my first competitive game since 1985 and to be honest with you, 46 feet would have been too far. I went from Preacher to Pitcher in all a matter of 5 hours and I pray the preaching was more successful than the pitching! Chris Hill took off in the morning to head back home and made it safely. He was such a pleasure to have and to take over most of the baseball activities. He loves the game, is enthusiastic in sharing Christ and loves these young boys and Storks! Got a chance to preach at Moscenica Baptist Church and that was a great opportunity to share God’s word with our brother and sisters here in Croatia and to share the gospel with the many people we had invited to come. Barbara, Shannon’s friend from the library came, which she had told Shannon she wouldn’t come to any church. I had invited many