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Hello Folks, Not sure how to begin this email update with all that has gone on around us here in Texas, as well as what has been happening with the ministry in the midst of it all, but will attempt to hit just the highlights. As all of you know, Houston and the surrounding gulf coast was slammed really bad and hard with Hurricane Harvey and the flooding that followed displacing many, many people. We are still in the rebuilding phase and for many that will be a very long process. My family was blessed to have been spared any damage or flooding, but we know many that were less fortunate. And through the process of helping flood victims, have met many others who lost most of their homes and the possessions in them. Please PRAY for everyone’s recovery and rebuilding! URGENT PRAYER! We have had to move out of our Pearland warehouse, the location where we were blessed to store our donated equipment for the past 2 years. We have been blessed to have received that warehouse rent free and