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Ukraine Gospel through Baseball

Take a look at this from the coaches in the Ukraine! Awesome to see how God is using baseball and baseball equipment to open hearts!

March 20: Croatia MLO Final Day - Back Home!

Hello Folks, What an awe inspiring Mission Learning Opportunity this has been and so much has happened I can't remember all that did! Just on this last day alone there have been so many touching moments and blessings that have been showered on us, as well as opportunities opened that I am dizzy from the experience! 
Early in the morning I got three of the members off to the airport at dark:30. Where is Sis when I need her?! Sis is my right hand person and handles so much of the behind the scene things. She and I trade off on doing those airport runs in the summer! 
Upon returning back to HiS HOUSE I got out in the garage and went through our mini shipment, around 1000 pounds we received on Wednesday. I had taken some of the gear to Hungary with us when we went on Thursday to give to Terry, the missionary in Budapest who is doing baseball ministry! I also had to separate the football gear that was part of it, so I could take it to Slovenia when we went to visit the Mustang America…

March 18: Final Day on This Side of the Pond - Heading Home

Hey Folks, 
Don't have time to share what all went on today, we got home from Slovenia late last night, Midnight, and heading to the airport right now, 4:30 am. 
I would appreciate your prayers for the final 4 of us heading back to Texas and California! The rest of the team has returned safely and we pray the same for us!
I will write soon, to tell of our last day and to recap some highlights I have failed to touch on thus far.
God bless and remember Jesus loves you and so do I! Mossman

March 18: Croatia MLO - God's Continued Provision & Vision

Hello Folks,
Really not sure what to say and not because I don't have anything to say, as most of you know, I am never without that! It's that I am not sure where to begin and once I begin I am not sure where or how to stop. God has continued to provide over and above what we could even think or ask and continues to place a sense of Awe, with every turn we make by creating another opportunity to minister and share!
This whole trip has been filled with wonderful and game changing events and I could not begin to explain them all without writing a short novel! So I will try and list highlights and keep this as short as possible! I am not sure that in the 10 years I have been coming to Croatia and the many Mission Learning Opportunities I have been on, that I have been busier than I have been, the team has been, than this one! The summer MLO's are always jammed packed and jelly tight with activities and opportunities, but this short time window we are here has been filled to …

March 16b: Croatia MLO - Prayer Summit Complete

Life has really been a blur, as it usually is while we are here on our Mission Learning Opportunities, whether it be summer, fall or winter! Blessed to come here any time of the year God calls us to be here! The ministry opportunities are now as equally available any time of year! 
We are off to take Bobby D to the airport and then to Hungary to visit another place to do camp in the future as well as to a little sightseeing. I will give more of an update on what has happened in the past couple of days, but for now I would appreciate your prayers as well as one huge praise!
Please pray for Judy Peters who is a dear friend of mine who is in need of your prayers. She is in such pain that she is bed ridden and no pain reliever has eased her situation. She has recently given a kidney and they are doing all kinds of tests but can reveal anything! Please pray!
Secondly, PRAISE GOD that the shipment has arrived,
Blessings and remember that Jesus loves you and so do I! David

March 16: Croatia MLO Day 6 - Fantastic Show of God's Hands

Monday was an awesome day, first because we didn’t have to get up and take care of 60 coaches for breakfast, we only had to deal with the 10 of us! Actually slept in and enjoyed a nice time alone and then a wonderful devotional time with the team. We spent the morning working around the house, by cleaning up and reorganizing the storage garage! Kem Crawford has been such a blessing and her motherly care of our team, the many, many visitors and working around HiS HOUSE has been a huge blessing. We all chipped in picking up the bed sheets and gathering up trash. Ricky and Kem worked hard on all the rooms cleaning and sweeping. Bobby and I worked in the garage to combine boxes of the limited equipment remaining as well as tear down the boxes we had emptied and put them away! WOW! There is room to send more equipment! All the equipment that God saw fit for us to collect up to this point back in Texas - baseball, football, hockey and CrossFit equipment to help share Christ’s love th…

March 15: Little League Croatia - We are So Excited!

Folks, Wanted to forward you 2 emails I received after meeting 6 men from Zagreb and Karlovac, two cities in Croatia! Yep you are correct, Little League in Croatia! Take the time to read and it will bless your heart!
The second email is from an American Football club in Split, Croatia who claims there is no God. Read his email and you can see God working on his heart!
Dear David,

I can't thank you enough for your will to get involved with our program. We will need your help and guidance to stay on the right path. My playing days are pretty much over. I will try to play few more games this fall. Still looking for the team:-) 
My baseball focus will be on working with the kids, organizing baseball events that will bring kids, parents and community together so that kids can have a more healthy childhood which will hopefully help them become better human being.
I have to admit that excitement I am feeling around my new path exceeds the excitement I had when playing.
I am so happy that mor…

March 14: Croatia MLO Day 6

Today was a very busy but productive one!  I'll give you a few highlights before I crash for the night:
The most popular items of the weekend were the Little League trophies! We had close to 250 trophies donated, and they were gone in a flash!
We met today with the men who have applied with Little League International for a charter for the first ever Croatian Little League! They were so excited to be a part of a Minor League Division and a Major League Division with 5 teams in one and 6 teams in the other! Sisak will have a team in the Minor Division.   We told the coaches that we would help them with equipment, uniforms and trophies and would go to our area leagues and get some adoptions for their teams. Let's get the word out, Houston!We also met with the hockey team president and coach, and they are very excited to ask us to come and do a hockey camp and be with them for the future. It was a great meeting and another opportunity to share our love of Jesus. We did a h…

March 13: Croatia MLO Day 5

I am running out of acronyms and praise words for all God is doing and the wonderful work of the spirit moving here in Croatia at HiS HOUSE! 

We completed the Intentional Walk Baseball Clinic this afternoon. We were blessed to have the opportunity to share our love of baseball, but most importantly our love for Jesus Christ. The attention span and concentration of each of those coaches was impeccable. Many hearts were moved and touched by the spirit with many coming to us on the mission team sharing how their heart was moved by God and that Jesus was in their hearts. That they would pursue to coach differently, with God before them and not behind them! This happened to many and every coach said they had never felt what they had this weekend at this clinic. We used Hugh Poland's "Intentional Walk" devotion, and gave a copy to each coach.  They all took it with gratification! We were blessed to have witnessed the Lord move among the people and through HiS HOUSE! 

March 12: Croatia MLO - Day 4. The Day was a Huge Day for the Lord!

God scripted us a day that will go down in the history books of HiS PRINT Ministries for many, many reasons.  I will not consume your time and day with the details, but I can only say that you wish I would! (At least I pray that you would!)
The clinic was a real blessing and we were blessed to share the gospel message several times and the love of Christ all the time! These coaches have been attentive - their listening to the devotions we have throughout the day is as intense as their desire to learn the baseball knowledge we are sharing. God has brought this international baseball clinic together for the purpose of sharing His love more than for them to gain more knowledge of baseball!
We hosted the clinic downtown to give us more room, and the city officials were gracious enough to share their conference room. We had a blast sharing, laughing and serving them as well as laughing with them in between. We met with the officials of the Hockey Club of Sisak and they are asking u…

March 11 Croatia MLO - Day 3, I Think!

Wow, what a remarkable, awe inspiring day today was.  It was a damp, rainy, cold, windy glorious day God created to share His love in so many ways they are too numerous to even begin to count!!!!
The rest of the team made it in and we are all accounted for! 
The shipment is delayed 'till Monday after the camp and all the coaches leave, but God is providing door prizes and equipment even without it. We will use it next time!  Yes, there will be a next time to host a coaches clinic!
Coaches Clinic started tonight and we had over 60 coaches who showed up and participated.  It was neat to witness and hear 4 different translations being spoken.   Relationships and friendships are being built over night!
We were blessed to have Marco (the Vice Mayor of Sisak) come out to HiS HOUSE and welcome everyone!
Many ladies from surrounding churches provided deserts and cookies for the participants and team, and there was a tremendous amount of team work helping to get it all ready to start.  Ba…

March 10: Day 2 - Croatia MLO - God Could end it today and it would have been successful!

Folks,  In my haste last night to get to bed, because I was so tired and forgot, I forgot to describe the rejoicing reunion we had with Janko (Janko is our HiS HOUSE caretaker) and the wonderful visit we had with several of the "Old" Storks and Coach Daniel! 
First to see our old friend and brother is always refreshing and brings joy to my heart! To introduce Pastor Bill to him and watch the instant friendship develop was a blessing. Janko has been watching Bill preach on the internet for quite awhile and felt as if he knew him personally already! We sat around the table, the 3 of us and talked and laughed and laughed some more! Very fond memories of sitting around this dining room table over the past 10 years and many of those memories bring tears to my eyes.
Later in the evening Neven, Anthony, Dalabor and Coach Daniel came by the house! It was wonderful to see each of them and the hugs we shared were of a true love  love of a brother for a brother! That is why I feel so …

March 9, 2016: Intentional Walk Clinic (Sisak, Croatia)

Well Folks,
Made it safely to Croatia and although I got very sick for most of the flight from Houston to Amsterdam, I was much better on the 2 hour flight to Croatia and actually fell asleep before we lifted off and didn't wake till we landed. Got our rental van with no problems and all our extra luggage made it with us, which is more than I can say about our shipment we sent with UPS last week. It is still not set for delivery until the 15th which is two days after the completion of the coaches clinic.
So once I got here and showed Pastor Bill around HiS HOUSE, I hit the ground running trying to come up with door prizes and other gear for the coaches. God is so good and from our storage garage I was able to get a lot of what I had sent. The only thing missing is the baseballs and gloves. We will make due with what we have and use the shipment when it comes for another one in the future. God is in control!!
Saw many of the Storks and Coach Daniel as well as spent time visiting w…