One word comes to mind when thinking of the library program this year—change. Very little of our library program happened the way we expected from past years. There were many obstacles in the way which took away from the traffic in the library including some of our program being cut, illnesses, a massive change in librarian staff, a new city swimming pool, craft programs in Sisak, and even a technology program overlapping with ours within the library. These changes greatly decreased the amount of students involved in the program and initially hit me like a punch to the stomach. I had many doubts about whether or not I was fit to lead this program and if it should even continue after this year. 

Through it all my fellow members of HiS Print reminded me that God was still at work. With less children, we were able to bond more with each child, as well as with the librarians, and build upon those relationships. Regardless of the lack of attendance, God hand-picked each child and librarian to participate in our program. He provided members of the team to spend time preparing and presenting their topic to the children, who continued to come back day after day. While everything was changing around me, God’s faithfulness did not change. 

Additionally, as our library program was cut, more time was available to spend at another library in the village of Petrinja. Over 20 adults and children showed up to learn about Native American Indians and were excited about the program. Petrinja radio even came to record the program, interview some participants, and interview HiS Print about why we are here in Croatia. As I shared the gospel into the recorder, the representative from the radio station didn’t flinch or stop the recorder, but continued to record God’s plan for salvation. While I don’t know what information was played on the radio, I do know that at least one person heard the Gospel that day!

As I look forward to next year in the library, I can only think of one essential word to guide our plans next year—change. Our library program has been consistently the same for the past 6 years. It was extremely successful for many years, with more and more children coming each year. But every good thing has a limit and must come to an end. Maybe our presentations will return in years to come when change is necessary again, but with our library cliental changing, our program must also change. I envision a program that is engaging, hands-on, and encourages problem-solving skills. While I am still planning what this will look like, I am very excited of what is to come and ready to see how God will use change in all of our lives for His good.

Changing for Him,