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God is There in the Midst of the Trials and Tribulations! Part II

Hello Folks, me again! Sorry for the double dose today on the update on all that is happening with me, my family and HiS PRINT and I hope the earlier email spoke to you in a way that it spoke to me and helped me, and I hope you as well, change your perspective as trials and tribulations come your way today and any day they may come. And we can most assuredly bank on, that they will come! Most of you have heard the phrase, when it rains it pours and that is what it feels like here! Not only is it raining but the flood waters are rising and it feels like I could be swept away by the current or drown by the torrential downpour! Between Steve’s declining health, trying to find his son Michael, the health of his other son Craig-who made it here from Arizona on Saturday and to the events and struggles surrounding  H i S  PRINT, it has been a rough road! Needing your specific prayers and appreciate each and every one of them! My brother Steve is clinging to life as the cancer; spinal

God is There in the Midst of the Trials and Tribulations!

I sit here almost in tears as I type this email update to you, for several reasons. One is that I have spent the past hour typing this update to you and had it ready to send out and went to make a correction in spelling and the entire email disappeared! God's way of helping me deal with all that is going on and improve my patience in the process of walking this earth and serving Him! Frustration started to take over my mind and heart and then God reminded me of something that happened yesterday that changed my perspective! I was told yesterday by a man who's father is in the same hospice that Steve is in, when he asked me how I was doing, I told him I was dealing with a big problem, he said, "no you are dealing with a big opportunity!" I looked at him and a smile crept across my face in realizing that if I looked at my problems as opportunities, my perspective completely changes. And now that I am retyping this update, that I am doing so with a smile on my face

Croatia Winter 2015 - Final Day

Folks! What a trip! Back home on US soil, seeing my bride and son and sleeping in my own bed reminded me why I always come back! ​Not to mention that big ole juicy hamburger I had last night! Sorry for my delay in wrapping up the trip with my last blog. Was hoping to do it from 35,000 feet on the plane but we weren't outfitted with WiFi. Had a great night's sleep, although short, still on that 7 hour ahead time of Croatia, but it was a very restful sleep. As promised, I wanted to fill you in on the discussions we had with two of the churches around Sisak! The first one was the Baptist church in Petjrina and their desire to have an influence with the youth from that city. They have a beautiful building and have a VBS program that a young woman, Maja heads up every summer. They had 80 participate this past summer and that was a huge success, but her desire is to have a more lasting and constant affect of them! That is where the reason for this meeting all came about. Our

Croatia Winter 2015 Day 6 (March 4)

Folks,  Have you ever had something happen to you that was so great you almost had to pinch yourself to make sure you were not dreaming? Okay, none of us have done that, but we have all heard the saying! Well, I feel as if I must pinch myself every half hour or so to make sure this paved pathway God is taking us on, is for real! This day was much like the others, with an even bigger blessing than we had already received from the events from yesterday and previous days as well. Before getting into today I must share the experience we had at the Blind Association and also the Handicap Facility, which was yesterday afternoon. The reception Sis received when we first walked into the Handicap Facility was an absolute blessing. Joe and I were walking in with royalty and the smiles on each of their faces and the hugs they gave her were priceless! This was the first time I had the pleasure of going to meet them and see all that Sis and the many others had done over these past 3 years 

Croatia Winter 2015 Day 5 (March 3)

Folks, If I were to write down all that has gone on these past 24 hours, I would not be able to finish till tomorrow, the words I would use would not be adequate to describe all that has happened and you would never read it because the length would keep you from your responsibilities, but let me at least attempt to put some of it in words that will at least give you an idea of the enormity of our Daddy God's love, protection, reach and desire for each of us to let go and let Him take us to heights we could never imagine, even through the depths we sometimes walk through! First and foremost, with tears in my eyes, I say a heartfelt thank you for all those prayers for my father, Mossman Sr.! What an outpouring of support and love that I have felt over these past 24 hours and I am happy to report that he is home and although there are some conditions with his health are not solved, he is out of immediate danger and we are praying for healing with a condition with his bladder.

Croatia Winter 2015 Day 4 (March 2)

Folks, Prayers are being answered and God is opening doors left and right and we are walking through them with His angels by our side and His Spirit around our little letter  i 's.  Today was full of meetings from sun up to sun down with a dinner to top it all off! Tomorrow is much of the same and we are walking in awe of His power and strength to open doors, many of which we never knew existed. This morning we started with a meeting with the Milan, CEO of Applied Ceremics and Kruna, Director of Entrepreneurial Incubator, here in Sisak. Milan is a young CEO who runs a US based company that manufactures ceramics for computer conductors. (Or something like that!) He was willing to spend his entire morning showing us around every department from start to finish as well as giving us a history of the company and how he got involved. Kruna is the Director of Entrepreneurial Incubator that is designed to get young people to think "outside the box" and go through training

Croatia Winter 2015 Day 3 (March 1)

Hey Folks Wow! What a Sunday we had of worship with our brothers and sisters in Moscenica and Betel churches in and around Sisak! I had the opportunity to speak at both places and share what God is doing through HiS PRINT Ministries this coming summer and why we are here now! I also shared a passage of scripture that God laid on my heart and they all send their greetings back to USA!  Last night we had many people come out to HiS HOUSE to say hello and have some fellowship time! It is always great to reconnect with all of our friends and many of the baseball players came out! We finished late into the night catching up and having some time to discuss this coming summer opportunity and camp. I shared with them the expansion of HiS PRINT and the opportunities God is opening all over Eastern Europe and The Balkans, but this would always be home and this was the operating base for us! As we have expanded the ministry and areas, we have not had the time to spend with the Storks per