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June 26, 2010

Hey Folks,  I woke up with a tremendous bad headache and got up and took something for it. I am waitng for it to take effect and then head back to lie down. I cannot believe it has only been 3 hours since I went to bed. We have a busy day ahead of us!   Everyone is doing great and getting along well. We have spent some time talking together and I have spent some time with each of the new people to find out why they have come and it has been a blessing to hear their responses. We went to have ice cream and everyone enjoyed that! The owner would not let me pay for any of it and it was awesome to see his face when he recognized us. God has truely blessed us with these people and have built some neat relationships. Saw some of the young baseball cadet players as well and they are excited that we are here. Many send their love and greetings. Neven, the captain of the baseball club is one proud pappa. His wife just gave birth to their first child and it is a son. He is disappointed

June 27, 2010

David called me on skype a little while ago. Said to give you an update. He was having lots of problems connecting with computer. It kept dropping the line. Hope this is not to wordy. Just trying to remember everything he told me in between all the disconnects.   They have had rain again today. Had to cancel practice and the basketball game they had planned between the Texans and the Croatians this evening. They were dissapointed because they would have been able to meet some new kids. Most of the kids showed up for practice even though it was raining so he took the opportunity to share with them how he got all the equipment he brought. Wanted them to realize people over here are working hard to raise money and that we don't just go out and buy things for them. He wanted them to know people here love them and pray for them daily. He told about how Ray Silva got together with his team and friends and raised enough money to buy a backstop or pitching net. Forgive me if I didn&#

June 28, 2010

Thank you, Debbie. Dear Prayer Team: I am forwarding our latest update from David and Debbie. Praise God for what He is doing through our Croatia Missionaries. Continue to pray for the physical work that is taking place and the spiritual work that God is doing in the hearts of the people in Croatia, as well as in the lives of our team. Thank you for praying!! Your brother in Christ, Earl Earl,   Just got off skype with David. Here is everything he wanted to tell people about.   First of all, thanks for all your prayers!   Today they went to church in Moscenicia. It was an amazing service. They all send their greetings and love to all of you. There was another mission team there from Canada and they did an improv drama. He said it was a very neat skit. Then the pastor spoke from Acts and Galatians on Paul's missioinary journey and compared it to our team and what they were doing.  He challenged the congregation to go out and spread the word. He was s

June 29, 2010

Dear Prayer Team: Here is the latest update from Croatia.  Praise God for what He is doing and Thank You for praying. Earl Hi Earl! Here is another update from David.   Joe and Grant Page made it there safely today. When they got to Sisak, they had about 20 people come over to Janko's to meet them. They ended up singing praise and worship songs and Janko played the guitar. It was a great time of encourgement to all the youth that were there and you could see the joy in Janko's heart.   Tues. morning Joe and Zack will go back to airport in Zagreb to pick up the pitching maching. Pray that it made it and it clears customs and there are no problems getting it back to Sisak. David has practice at 10:00 with the Cadets and then at 5:00 practice with the Storks. Tues. evening David, Joe and Chris will have dinner at Coach Daniels home. Neven said Coach told him his heart is blessed and feels better now that David is here in Sisak and he is a tremendous friend. Da

June 30, 2010

Dear Prayer Team: Thank you for being faithful in praying for our Croatia missionaries!! I am forwarding the latest update from David via Debbie. May the Lord bless you all. Earl Earl,   Talked with David last night and these are the things he wanted to tell everyone.   He, Chris and Joe had dinner with Coach Daniel and his wife. Neven and Martin were there also. It was an awesome time for all and his wife out did herself on the meal. Coach wants to thank everyone for their prayers and financial support for the Storks. It touches his heart in such a way that he doesn't know how to express it. He has a vision for the new ball field and the Storks team. He wants a Christian coach to teach ball and share Christ year round with the Storks. With his job, he cannot do that, so he is looking for a David a house! lol! Please pray that they find the right person who can coach the storks and make an impact in their lives as well.   Both practices were awesome yes

July 1, 2010

Debbie, Thank you so much for the great job you are doing transcribing your conversations with David. Dear Prayer Team:   Here is the latest update from our missionaries in Croatia. What a fantastic job they are doing through the power and grace of our Lord Jesus Christ. Thank you for your prayers.  Please keep it up. Your bro in Christ, Earl Earl,   Just finished talking with David. Here is an update from Wednesday.   They had the BEAT and had about 16 or so kids come. Several from the Cadets and 4 or 5 Storks and some others from the town along with all the team members and the regulars from Croatia. In total probably 35-40 people. David shared with them and thanked them all for coming. Told them there were many people back home praying for them. Bobby and Dalton shared their testimonies and they challenged everyone. There were lots of one on one conversations going on during the night. Afterwards, Dalton, Grant, Stefan and Marde went to the Kupa where th

July 2, 2010

Debbie, Thanks again for a great job. Dear Prayer Team:  As you can see, our prayers are being answered in so many ways.  Some, not quite as we wished, but all in accordance with God's will. Thank you for your faithfulness in praying.  Each day, we awake anticipating what God will do that day. Blessisngs on you all. Earl Earl, I talked briefly with David last night and then they had some kind of power outage. He called this morning for just a minute to tell me what happened. They still did not have internet.   Both sessions of the camp yesterday went good. A team from Zagreb came and the Storks and Cadets are there. The team from Zagreb is staying in the Gymnasium, one of the high schools near by. Our team made them all goodie bags with candy, blow up bats, baseball cards, etc. and tracks in them. Not sure if they will understand or read the tracks, but they have them. They don't speak very good english, but they thanked our team alot for providing th

July 5, 2010

Dear Prayer Team: Please see the latest update from Croatia below. As you can see, God is truly at work in Croatia, acting in and through our precious missionaries.  Please thank Him and Praise Him for His Grace and Goodness. Keep your prayers going up to Him.  Pray especially for release of the pitching machine. Be blessed, Earl P.S.  Thank you so much, Debbie!! Earl,   I am at the bay and having trouble with Skype down here, so I have not had opportunity to talk much with David this weekend. We did talk briefly and he said the Texas carnival they had was tremendous. Had a good turn out. Everyone had lots of fun and they gave lots of Texas prizes away. They decided this is something they will want to do from now on. The Storks and Coach Daniel thanked them so much for the work they put into it. And all were very appreciative.   The Storks had a game today and they won....David got to pitch for them. He was excited about that. They all had a great time and

July 7, 2010

Here is the latest update from David. Sorry if I kind of skip around. I am combining a few days of reports into one. Chris and Dalton made it back to the US safely, as did Joe and Grant Page. Praise for their safe travel. The last day of camp was great and there were a lot of seeds planted in the hearts of those who attended and all said they would come back next year. Everyone is still talking about the Go Texas party and what fun they had. Joe and Grant Page headed home Monday and they are trying to get the pitching machine before he leaves so they don’t have to pay a broker. As of today, they still do not have the machine and are trying to get it released before David leaves on Friday so he can show the Storks how to use it properly. The work on the new field is happening every day and plans are to work on removing rocks every evening. David will be there to work with the Storks. Last evening they picked up a lot of rocks and there are many more to pick up. Monday aftern

July 8, 2010

Dear Prayer Team, I just received a note from David.  He says that customs is refusing to release the pitching machine to them.  It is urgent that the team get the machine before David leaves so that he can teach them how to use it properly. Please entreat the Lord to intervene so that customs will release the machine. Thank you, Earl

July 9, 2010 II

Hey Gang! See the note below.  Our Gracious God has answered our prayers! Please go to Him right now and praise Him and thank Him. Thank you Joe for the good news. Lord bless you all!! Earl Debbie and Earl: Wanted to let you guys know I received an update e-mail from Neven a few minutes ago … they have the pitching machine and it is in the Stork’s locker room in Sisak!!!!  Customs finally released it this afternoon.  Please let everyone know who was interceding in prayer for this and let them know our appreciation and we can all offer up prayers of thanksgiving. Thanks so much for your updates! God’s Peace Joe Page

July 9, 2010

Dear Prayer Team, I just got to this note from Debbie.   Sorry for the delay, but as you already know, prayers for the pitching machine are already answered. Lots of good news here.  God is Good.  THANK YOU LORD!!!  Thank you all for praying. Earl     Earl, I talked to David this morning. He and Neven went to Zagreb again and he said they did not release the pitching machine. They are having to resend new paper work from the shipping agent here in Houston and it will have to go to France then Zagreb for stamping before they can release the machine. They require another shipping payment again to do this and also payment for the storage time the machine is sitting in customs. Joe Page is working on it from his end as well and thinks that what there are doing is not legal. Please pray they can get the paper work sent through by fax or e-mail and that it will be accepted so the machine can be released to the Storks baseball team. Also, praise for the time David has b

July 7, 2010

We have made it home and glad to be here. The mission trip was incredible and God opened so many doors. Shannon, Erin, Heidi and Seth remain until the 18th so we will need continued prayer for them. Our trek home was somewhat of an adventure but we are just thankful to be home and we praise his name for protection and guidence. Praise God for the Storks getting the pitching machine and for our return safety and for the team back here in the states praying for us each and everyday. Without this prayer teams support we would not have been able to do what we were able to. 17 were there physically but each and every one of this team were with us. WE, YOU showered the people of Croatia with His Love. We went to love them till they asked WHY, and it was so exciting to hear them begin to ask why. Thanks and continue to pray for God's direction and protection for the team that is still there! God Bless HE did, We'll do it!  New motto we used while we were over there. HE (Chri

June 24, 2011

Hey Croatia Prayer Team: I'm forwarding our first communication from David & Team via Debbie from Croatia.  Praise God for all the good things that have happened and please pray for regaining strength from the tiring trip.  Also, pray fervently that the city will mow the ball field so our team won't have to do that. Thank you all for your prayers. Earl Earl, David called me today. The first group to go made it to Janko's house where they will be staying. He said they had a good flight, but it was a very long day. They bought tickets that were about $400 cheaper per person, but had to go thru Canada, then Germany and onto Zagreb, which made there trip about 24hrs. He said the Canada flight was wide open and very comfortable and they did not charge them the extra baggage fee, so that saved them another $250, which he thought was worth the extra leg. Praise that all their bags arrived as well. They got their rental car and got everything loaded and didn'

June 25, 2011

Dear Croatia Prayer Team: Thank you Debbie for a great summary for all that is happening in Croatia! Prayer Team:  So many things to give thanks to God for and so many petitions to lift up to Him.  Please read carefully all that David and Debbie have said below, and take each one of these things to the Lord.  He is Mighty and He is Able, and He can take care of all things.  Please pray for strength and good health for our missionaries.  Pray that God will be recognized and praised in all the solutions and that He will be glorified and our missionaries will be blessed. Thank you for praying! Earl Earl, David called today. Here is a report on all that is going on so far. Please forward this to everyone. The baseball field is in really bad shape. The city of Sisak doesn't respect the Storks baseball team as a club and they don't have the leadership and direction they need to keep the field maintained. The dissapointment is that you can see the potential.