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2020 Blog 3

Doesn’t it say somewhere in scripture that we are to go and make disciples? Oh yeah! In Matthew 28:19 Jesus told us specifically to do that and throughout scripture we see that modeled for us. Question for each of us: Do we do that? Do we purposely bring people into our lives, to walk life with, to pour into and to teach so that they can go and do the same? Or are we to caught up in doing it all ourselves because we don’t have time to teach, or they won’t do it as good or maybe jealousy that they may do it better! Jesus told us to go and make disciples, Paul modeled it throughout the New Testament and we should be doing exactly that today: so that those who have walked life with you, can lead as you have modeled. Do we allow that to happen?  Well, God has a way of shoving you to the side, if you haven’t allowed that to happen and will slap you upside the head with a 2x4 if you're not careful, to ensure you are carrying out His commands. As most of you know I have had my share

2020 Blog 2

Thanks to you all for your prayers and concerns over my health. I am blessed to have so many pray and reach out! Thank You! I guess I will share with you what occurred during that time. Even though I was down, was not out and was extremely blessed with all that God still had go on around me. Although I wasn’t up to full speed and for much up, at no speed, God kept the ministry going and the outreach extended to those we have had the pleasure to have met over the years and actually were blessed to host.  Many of you may not know, but we have a ministry of outreach where HiS PRINT extends in-country scholarships to out of country players, coaches and individuals to come to the United States and spend week to two weeks here with us. The only obligation the individual has is to provide their own transportation to get here. This has been a blessing to host many over the years and look forward to more in the future. BUT, this all would not be made possible without the open heart and

2020 Blog 1

How many of you have started the year off with a New Year’s Resolution and 5 days into the new year, the resolution has already been broken! Hands raised; Mine are! I had every intention to start 2020 with a new blog at least twice a month, to keep you all posted on all that is going on and keep you up to date with new developments. Well, here we are in March and I have yet to get one blog out for 2020.   Let me take just a moment to catch you up on all that is going with me personally and maybe you will cut me a little slack for not keeping with my new year's resolution. Starting in the middle of November, I started losing energy and felt like I wasn’t catching my breath. Right after Thanksgiving it got worse, to the point I couldn’t walk 20 feet without getting tired and needing to rest. I got in to see my general practitioner and failed my EKG. She immediately got me to a cardiologist, and he put me through echo, bloodwork and stress test. I failed the stress test and wa