The Golden Rule to Understanding Spiritually is not intellect, but it is Obedience! Let's move forward in obedience to what He has us do, even when - or better yet, even though - we don't comprehend it!

Record time in getting shipment through customs. 
Crane Logistics and the Croatia RBI (a local non profit) did all the leg work to make the customs and shipment transfer go as smoothly as possible. I wish to thank them from the bottom of my heart for walking alongside us.  Damir, a member of RBI, was a tremendous help navigating the waters and communicating with the customs agent constantly! 

Handing out equipment to all the teams has been just short short of heavenly! As one player said when they walked into the warehouse and received the equipment, "I have come to heaven!" We have handed out much of the 16,000 pounds to various sports organizations: hockey, karate, football and baseball teams. We have more organizations coming in the next few days before I leave and much much more to move across The Balkans and Eastern Europe over the next months.

It has been a blessing and joy to share about HiS PRINT, Christ's love and how He collected all this equipment.  It has never been easier to get those we love where they are and getting them to ask why, than it has through giving this equipment! I have shared the gospel every year for the past 12 years to many people and through many ways, but never to so many receptive ears! Even if they never come to recognizing Jesus as their Savior,  I will be saddened but not discouraged because I know God didn't bring me - us - here to save anyone, only to share... to spread and plant the seed! He has done that time and time again these past three weeks! It is remarkable for me to be a part of HiS plan!

Thanks to Coach Antonio for his hard work with the equipment!

Sharing His love and breaking bread together at HiS HOUSE

Friendship around sharing a corn on the cob!
My friendship with Neven, captain of the Sisak Storks started around a corn on the cob back in 2006. It's a long story that is always a pleasure to tell, but too long to write so I'm sparing you all the details (unless you ask.) Briefly, back in 2006 Neven shared the remaining bit of his lunch (a roasted corn on the cob) to help me find my father who was taken from the baseball field to the hospital somewhere in the city! This past Thursday we had corn on the cob at Neven's house and I retold that story with tear filled eyes! 
A friendship that developed around a corn-on-the-cob in 2006 and deepened in 2017! 

Take Three deep breaths! JCR-Jesus Christ Rules! Give God the credit. 
Here is something I learned while on the island trip with Janko last weekend:  we don't use the capacity of our lungs.  In fact, we don't come close - we use only 30 to 40%. That's leaving a lot of potential unused! Do we use the capacity of the Holy Spirit as we walk out life? Following God's pathway? 

"Unintrusive approach to sharing our faith!" That was the word Marko, a young man from Serbia and who coaches in Slovenia, said when he talked about how he felt around HiS PRINT! Not sure that's a word, but it sure spoke loudly to me!

Update on Vukasin
Lastly I would love to share with you a message I, along with several HiS PRINT team members, received from Vukasin. You may remember he is the young man from Serbia who invited us there this summer to do the football camp and the one I had you all praying for! Just read and see what is going on in his life right now:

"My dear friends thank you a lot for all your support and prayers. Today I'm leaving hospital after few procedures on my heart and as doctors say I'm on a slow motion mode for some period of time. Hopefully on Monday my better and smarter half and me will come to Sisak to help a bit (I'll bring one of the coaches from Wild Dogs with me to work instead of me :-)) and to see David before he leaves for States. I want to thank you all again, your messages really meant a lot and helped me a lot to go trough this. Doctors tell me I was really lucky but I'm starting to know better and to believe I owe my luck to you and your prayers. Thank you all again and i hope to see you all soon."

Vukasin, the person we have been praying for in Serbia
Now that's a message! I am praying God continues to reveal Himself to Vukasin, our dear and precious friend, as well as the others in whom we have planted the seed of Christ's love!