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2020 Blog 10

Wasn’t sure how to share this with you all, but felt it needed to be shared, something that me and my sister and two brothers are extremely proud of.    This past Monday, August 24 our parents, Charles and Cora Moss, celebrated their 72nd wedding anniversary! Yeah you read that correctly, 72 years of marriage. Since my folks live in Indiana near my older brother and we have recently had to move them into a full time care facility, most of the family was not able to celebrate this wonderful event with them. My Pop is 91 and in failing health. Pop has recently suffered some small strokes and is living in the hospital area during rehab, while mom is living in their small apartment. Because of this, they have not been able to spend much time together. But on this special day the staff bought flowers, decorated the chapel and wheeled Pop down to visit with Mom to celebrate their 72 years together. Although saddened that I was not able to attend, I was blessed immeasurably by the pictures ta

Summer 2020 Blog 9

Coach Antonio Poljak Sisak, Croatia The H i S PRINT family, and me personally, are deeply saddened by the passing of our dear brother Coach Antonio Poljak in Sisak, Croatia. For several years, Coach Antonio served the ministry of H i S PRINT as our local in-country coach and the coach of the Sisak Storks Little League baseball team. Coach Antonio also served as our Croatia Warehouse Manager and shipping operator. He held that position until the middle of 2019. We would not have been able to help the thousands across The Balkans and Eastern Europe without Coach Antonio's hard work and organization. He was dedicated to everything he did and led with a servant's heart that was unmatched.    Coach Antonio served his country in war during the early 90's and was called into duty to serve with the Croatian army in Afghanistan for several months in 2009-10. He and his wife Tanja have two children: a daughter Ejla (22) and a son Borna (18.) Antonio walked this earth for 52 years and