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Fall 2019 Blog 13

Fall 2019 Blog 13 God's Target is Our Destiny
Writing the last blog helped me realize what God has done and what He desires for us as a ministry team to do in the future. For sure we are to love people where He has called us, and to love them in a way they will always ask why, but the extent of what He is doing still amazes me. I am not surprised any more while walking His illuminated path in the direction He shines for us to go, but I am still amazed at how He does it most times.
1250 Target Back in 2008 when God placed the vision of HiS PRINT on my heart, I began to listen more intently to His bidding. There were often times I would ask or even question, why He was sending us to Croatia and across The Balkans and Eastern Europe.  I was asking my own why and wanting Him to give me an easier road to hold. A few years after HiS PRINT was born, I was asking God why Croatia and He simply asked, “Do you see it?” It was like an audible voice I heard in my head, but had woken me from m…

Fall 2019 Blog 12

Fall 2019 Blog 12 Our Step Leaving HiS PRINT
I look at this t-shirt logo and am overwhelmed by emotions from what it represents, and the enormity of what God has done these past 14 years through HiS PRINT. A few years back, I asked my son Clay, a graphic artist, to use his talents to design a t-shirt that I could use for the ministry and he came up with this perfect design. It states who we are, how long we have been going, who we represent, and by using the "Our Steps, HiS PRINT" statement he formed a smile (which is what comes across my face every time we go!) To top it all off, he put a diamond around the entire logo to remind us of where we started: teaching baseball.  We will continue to teach between the lines, but since that first time in 2006, God has also grown this ministry far outside the lines to reach people across the city of Sisak, the country of Croatia, the region of the Balkans and the nations across the world using our steps to leave HiS PRINT  wherever H…

Fall 2019 Blog 11

Fall 2019 Blog 11:  More, More, More
Our last day in country was spent doing a little bit More. We met a few More people, we saw More opportunities to do ministry in the future, we had time to teach More things to Stefan and found out God was collecting More equipment back home. In fact, He had collected so many boxes at our doorstep and in front of our garage, that my bride, Debbie, had to create space in our garage to put them all in. In fact, we have so much there, that we can actually call it another warehouse to store what God has collected, which gives us 5 warehouse locations across Houston. Gifts from God's PeopleGifts keep coming!Warehouse #5 (garage is full!) What was happening back in Croatia was a flurry of activity that we wanted to accomplish prior to our leaving and were blessed with the opportunity to do so. KAS Horse Ministry to the Handicapped We had a meeting with the administrators of KAS Horse Ministry to the Handicapped in the afternoon. We wanted to reach ou…

Fall 2019 Blog 10

Fall 2019 Blog 10: Take Time to Breath
Just like all other MLO’s, there never seems to be a chance to just breath and slow down long enough to enjoy the air we are blessed with, let alone thank the Lord for that breath we just took. In actuality, we are not guaranteed the next one, so be thankful for the last breath and ask yourself whether you were productive with it! 
Monday was a day to take those deep breaths, to be thankful for all that was accomplished on this MLO, and to see what God has been doing through the Ministry. As we participated in the meetings over the past week and listened to the thankfulness of so many, we could see through those relationships that God was doing a mighty work.

I closed the last blog before I shared the last meeting I had for that day. The blog was already too long, so I decided to move this story to today. Meet Vlado! He is the manager of Bakun, one of the local hotels we have used in the past. I wanted to meet him to say thank you as well as talk …

Fall 2019 Blog 9

Hello Folks, Fair warning: this is going to be a long one!

It has been a whirlwind of a mission up to this point. Got in country on Wednesday and hit the ground running in meeting with people and investigating new opportunities God has created through old and new relationships! This is not our typical MLO (Mission Learning Opportunity) where we normally have 20+ team members heading off in 5 different directions every day, to share Christ’s love across this city and across this region. There is only Me, Travis Aaron and Hunter Bernal on this Fall MLO, and the three of us have spent the time meeting people, listening to their hearts and sharing His love in any way we can and the best way has been to sit and listen.  Or to walk and learn! That is what we had the awesome pleasure of doing with Coach Daniel on Sunday, but more about that later.

The Friday flurry of activity was followed up with more of the same on Saturday, except with diff…