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2019 Summer MLO Blog 21

2019 Summer MLO Blog 21 Reflections (David Moss) Give and Receive, not Give and Take. I will share more on this in my next update, but those are the words that God has laid on my heart of how we as Christ followers need to be, teach and have others learn! Life with Christ needs to be more than an emotion; it’s a devotion. A devotion that carries you through the valleys of difficulties and struggles, carries you over the mountain-top experiences of jubilation, and extends that joy in life well past the mountain-top and into the everyday of life! I started writing this while I was sitting in the Zagreb airport waiting for my flight to come home and I am completing it 27 hours later. After two cancelled flights, standing in lines to reschedule, another delayed flight and a security line of over an hour, I missed my flight from Germany to Chicago; after another 2 hour line wait to get another flight home, and security line in Chicago that almost caused yet another missed flight t

2019 Summer MLO Blog 20

Poland Camp (Coach Robert) We often share our MLO experiences from the perspective of our team members, but today we would like to share a wonderful letter we received from Coach Robert in Poland.  Thank you for your continued prayers, gifts of equipment and financial support! Remember God Loves You, and so do I! David Dear Friends and Brothers in HiS Print, Thank you vey much for another trip to Poland. It was another chance for us to share beloved sports but most of all the friendship and love of Jesus through HiS Print Family. It was also another possibility for the local society to meet different culture. The camp was great. We had 25 players of different ages and a group of 13 kids from nearby area who took part in English Classes. The English Classes, according to the parents of the kids, were a wonderful time for the kids and provided the chance to use English for those not involved in baseball or softball. Thank you for the equipment you brought to Polan

2019 Summer MLO Blog 19

Faith (Heidi Dawson) Faith. I need more faith. On Sunday a small team of five (Stefan, Ari, Robert, Mario, and Heidi) drove into the mountains of Croatia headed toward a town called Gračac. The roads were windy and the terrain seemed to change every ten minutes as we continued to climb up the mountains through switchbacks and hairpin turns. A few days before this, David had received information regarding a baseball camp in Gračac. For some reason they were in need of baseball coaches and had reached out to him for help. A handful of us were available so we set out to find a town we’d never heard of, in an area of Croatia in which we’d never been in, and with less information than we are typically given. We could only help for a few days. We weren’t even sure what help they needed. How much help could we really provide? Faith. I need more faith. As we continued climbing up the mountains, I couldn’t help but wonder who could possibly live up here. The terrain was i

2019 Summer MLO Blog 18

Food Pantry (Bobby Dunlap) This year’s food pantry support was such a blessing.  We visited 5 families and were able to provide much needed food, hygiene products and clothes. We also gave the kids some toys which was a joy to watch their eyes light up.   As we do every year, we took a group of the HiS Print team to the local store to do the shopping. The looks we get as we roll up to the cashier with 4 big shopping carts full is always priceless!  Once back at HiS House we sort the items and prepare for delivery.   On Tuesday we visited two families. The first was an older lady who has lost her husband and has no family support. She also is suffering from the early stages of Alzheimer’s. As with each family, the tears in their eyes is both heartbreaking and rewarding at the same time.  The next family was recently impacted by a major thunderstorm that had severely damaged their roof. A few members of their family suffer from mental disabilities preventing t

2019 Summer MLO Blog 17

Football Camp Tour 2019 (Coach Mike Norman)  Amazing! One word that comes to mind for sure is amazing! As we prepared for our trip this summer, finding coaches to travel with us was a tough task. Several of our coaches had family situations that kept them from attending this year. Brandon Hoybach and his son Blake, and me and my son Zach took off for Novi Sad praying for a great camp experience despite our shortage of coaches! Amazing. God has provided help for us all along the way so far! In Novi Sad, we were joined by Coach Larry from Germany and Coach Srki from Serbia. What a blessed time we had! We had 30 players from Novi Sad and Bulgaria working hard at all of our practices! Vukasin and Nikola treated us to a fantastic Serbian BBQ in between practices on Saturday!  It was awesome to see flags from Serbia, Texas, HiS PRINT, Wild Dogs Football Club and HBU all hanging side by side at camp!  Our time came to an end in Novi Sad and Monday, after spending some quality time wi

2019 Summer MLO Blog 16

Words cannot grasp, and pictures cannot capture  Where to begin? That is extremely difficult because no matter where I start, much will be left out and wherever I stop, not enough will be said! I am overwhelmed with joy and emotions that wash over me every time I try to sit down and put into words all that is going on right in front of us, as well as much more that is happening behind the scenes; at least the scenes that are going on around me or I’m involved with!  H i S PRINT  has so much going on right here in Sisak; while one team is working at baseball another team is going to the food pantry and another team is heading off to the library. And while we are doing ministry here in Sisak Croatia, there is a team of coaches doing ministry in Poland and another group of coaches sharing in Serbia and Bosnia. God has really kicked open the door and created opportunities all over The Balkans and Eastern Europe for us to use our steps to leave  H i S PRINT ! To love those we com