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Nigeria Blog - Day 4: Words Can’t Describe

I sat down three times trying to put into words a description of what we experienced these past 24 hours.  Words just don’t quite give it the justice it deserves.  The enormity of what we are walking through and all the activity and opportunity to share that is going on around us is almost beyond words to describe. I could (and will) tell you what we did physically during that time, but even that is hard because of all that happened in a short period of time! I tell people all the time that when we go on our MLOs in Croatia we hit the ground running and the pace is fast and furious. With all the ministry that takes place and so many moving parts, it’s hard to keep track of it all. But what just occurred during a 7 hour span over the past 24 hours goes above and beyond even the normal pace of an MLO. That doesn't even take into account the visits and connections we made since arriving in Ilorin 3 days ago. At times I am tempted to write nothing for fear of leaving out something, a…

Nigeria Blog Day 3: For The Love Of The Game

I can remember growing up and getting so excited when I got a new baseball or I remember getting my first baseball glove. It was a Ken Holtzman autographed glove that I slept with for days. I fell in love with the game of baseball at a very early age and carried that love through playing high school, college and into coaching college for 18 years and running a baseball academy; but what I witnessed yesterday on a field here in Ilorin, Nigeria took the love one has for the game to a whole new level! 
What I saw I have witnessed in Croatia for baseball and across The Balkans for football, but to observe young men practicing on a field with no shoes brought the level of commitment to a whole new level. As I observed their coach take the players through practice I saw the catcher in full gear, but he had no shoes! The center fielder went flying across the field to back up the right fielder and he had no shoes! Then there was a ball that got past the catcher and one the kids off the sidel…

Nigeria Day 2

We made it safely to Abuja, the capital of Nigeria, Saturday evening! The greeting at the airport from Temitayo ("Pappa T") and Yakubu was so uplifting. Their smiles and joyful eyes made us feel at home and reassured us that we are where God wants us! 

We spent Sunday traveling from Abuja to the city of Ilorin where Temitayo lives and has his academy. Here is just a small glimpse of the day: 
After a great morning of devotions together and time of prayer, Joe, Brandon and I spent some time taking about first impressions and asking why we are here. We all agreed that we felt God's hand in this, "protection-to-direction"; that we felt God was totally and completely behind and in front of our being here! We sense His presence from each of our brides being comfortable with us coming, from our complete faith in all the arrangements being handled by someone I had only met through the internet, and from our sense of the Holy Spirit's presence around us from the m…

Nigeria Blog Day 1: Nigeria 101

Remember back in college when you took a beginning class in whatever subject?  The class was always called "101." Like PSYC 101 or ENGL 101; you had to take the easy stuff before you could advance and take anything harder. But since it was usually taken your first year and most times the first semester of college, they were some of the most difficult. That’s about the best way I can describe this MLO to Nigeria. It feels like we did way back at the beginning when we were green behind the ears,  looking to the left and right of us to see if we can figure out if anyone else in the room is dazed and confused! 
HiS PRINT will begin its 14th year of ministry at the first of the year, with over 20 missions (MLO’s) under our belts.  This one we began yesterday in Nigeria feels like we are the new kid on the block. New culture, new continent and trusting someone I’ve never met in person. We are so excited and overjoyed at this opportunity and can see God’s hand all over it, but the …

Wait - What? Africa?

Hello Folks,

Yep, you guessed it! HiS PRINT is heading to Africa this Friday!  Joe Page and Brandon Hoybach will be joining me on an exploratory visit to Abuja, Nigeria! God has opened up this terrific opportunity through the invitation of Temitayo Femi Abolarin, a Christian brother to whom we sent baseball equipment back in 2017. Temitayo has used this equipment to further improve his baseball and softball academy, but also used much of it to share with schools in the area. One of the senators in the government got wind of this and spearheaded the opportunity for us to come and leave HiS PRINT on African soil. 
Below are pictures of Temitayo, his players and the field that will be hosting their first ever Little League tournament.  We have been named Honorary Chairmen of the tournament! I am also including a copy of our itinerary which shows how God is opening doors for us to share with government officials, radio and television audiences, local schools and the tournament participan…
Hello Folks,

Needed to share a couple of thank you's with you! This is what your support has allowed us to continue to do around the globe! Know that your support has expanded His love from Portugal to Bosnia. We have also recently sent shipments to Iceland and Peru, so be ready for some more heartfelt thanks from those who have received! This allows us to love them where they are and when they receive, they always ask why! 
This first one is from a young missionary I met in Bosnia this summer and gave him some football gear to help start a youth football team:
Hey David,
I’ve started our flag football club at the local school in our area. To build excitement, we plan to take the kids to watch the “big boys” play. It was a blast to spend the day with the Sarajevo Spartans on a road trip to Croatia for their match. I thought you might enjoy sharing the pics. - Jeremy Greenwich, American Missionary in Sarajevo, Bosnia

This second one is from a dear friend and brother in Christ who i…