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2020 Blog 8

I forgot to mention on my birthday post that this was the first year in 12 that I have spent my birthday at home in Texas (not overseas on a Mission Learning Opportunity in The Balkans.)  It was nice to be at home for a small, peaceful, quiet celebration.  Although I miss my brothers and sisters overseas and they have taken care of me on my birthday those 12 years, it was good to be with my bride and just veg on the couch! Relationship Series: American Football   What a blessing the American Football Relationship Series has been to connect with the coaches and playe

Spring Blog 2020 - June 23

Where does one start? Do they reflect on the year and what has happened? Do they look forward to what the rest of the year has in store? Do they contemplate on all the things that need to get done and let those concerns and worry rule the day? Do they look down at the things checked off on their to do lists and take a deep breath and smile or see the unchecked boxes and frown? Do they sit and wonder what they missed in life or question how they have gotten where they are today? I don’t think there is anything wrong with any of these questions, UNLESS, all of those questions were not bathed in prayer. Life is life and it moves pretty quickly and if we are not careful we can get caught up in it and miss our purpose for being here and the real Hope in life that gives us the purpose to live it. Today is my birthday and I just spent the early morning with my Heavenly Father and resting in His arms while sitting in His lap; there is no greater place to be than that. Those times are preciou