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Day 4 - Unpack Equipment and Start Library Program

Folks, Yesterday was a whirlwind and felt like we never had time to even turn around! After devotions we hit the ground running and didn't finish until well into the night. We divided into 3 groups and headed out into different directions! The ladies headed out to share with children at two different library's around town and had 50 and over 30 children show up at each program! Kim Cissel talked about American legends and did an awesome job and the children made sun catchers for their craft! This program has grown over the years with the first day always having the least and the final day getting around 50, so we are not sure what God has in store! There is not much room left to stuff more children into, but we will if they come! This is a perfect example of loving them where they are and till they ask why! I split up the baseball crew up into two groups with one going down to the baseball field and putting together the portable batting cage for the Storks! This

Day 3 - Prayers Answered and Appreciated!

Folks, Appreciate the prayers and they were answered! Having the opportunity to preach at the church in Moscencia was a terrific experience and was well received! God finally gave the direction He wanted me to preach this morning around 9:30. I had prepared several different messages from several different passages so was prepared to go any direction, just praying it wouldn't be something totally new, which has been known to happen. After church, we sat and broke bread with the people from church and had a wonderful feast of food and fellowship! Too much food and was ready for a good long nap! Actually got one when we got home and now am preparing for preaching at the church in Petrenja! God has laid it on my heart to provide a slightly different message and excited to share for the first time there! Rock and Sharon Beal arrived safely and we now have 14 in our group with it growing bigger and bigger everyday! One of our college students, Rachel, started the dance camp

Day 2 - Unpack and Unwind

Hello Folks, Day 2 has been a very productive day and with so much of the team that is here being first time visitors to Croatia and HiS PRINT, Sis took the group to Zagreb to visit the history and culture of this beautiful capital city! That left 3 of us behind to try and put a dent into organizing that 12,350 pounds of equipment and go shopping for some bunk beds and a new refrigerator. It just so happened that when Janko and I went to town to buy we picked one of the biggest shopping deal days of the year! We both had no idea, but God did and what would have normally cost us close to $2,500 dollars, we got for less than half that! Nice big refrigerator and two sets of bunk beds to increase our capacity both in food and occupants. Excited about the first and thrilled at the later and blessed by both! Got a few of the boxes from shipment unloaded and combined some of the boxes so we have more room to maneuver and get to some of the crafts we need sooner rather than later. I

Day 1 in Croatia 2015 - Travel Here Was Awesome!

Hello Folks, Today we embarked on our 10th year in coming to Croatia for summer mission and it feels like we are going home! And now we are here after a 14 hour trip, which was as perfect a trip as I have taken! Those who have been here before come back to catch back up with a piece of their heart they left behind the years before and for the new ones who have never been to watch their eyes get as big as earth in serving the people here is something spectacular to observe! This has been an adventurous road of following God and watching him open door after door of opportunity to share Christ in The Balkans and Eastern Europe. We are coming this year to expand the ministry further than it has ever gone before and are thrilled to a part of it. We often times say in the ministry, just hang on to the robe of Jesus and see where He take you! This ministry has become much more than a summer short term mission trip to a foreign land for a couple of weeks out of the summer. It has grown