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HiS PRINT Update - Stateside

Hello Folks, Here I go again! I don't bother you for a couple of months and then all of the sudden here comes a flurry of news, because there has been a flurry of activity from equipment pick-up all over the city to great things that are happening across the pond in The Balkans and across Eastern Europe. Thank you first of all for all your support in helping us make this possible. Without you, we would not be where we are and the having the impact we are having. God has built an army around us that is providing provision and protection!  Well, as mentioned earlier we sent equipment this past month to Iceland, marking 28 countries where we have sent equipment and 82 cities/teams we have had the opportunity to bless through providing gear they needed to play. Coach Reeve, one of our new football coaches, has helped us get more equipment from south Texas. By the way have you ever seen a box of donated Nike football cleats? Well that is exactly what you see pictured below. As a

HiS PRINT Update 2 - WOW!

Hello Again Folks, Looks like I am going to break this down into two more blogs so that I can get the information out and not make it too long where you're snoring before you finish!  These past two weeks have been busy with picking up equipment from many places around the city and then having others involved in the effort from both sides of the country, from California to Washington D.C. - but more on that later.  I have also been busy with the opportunity to travel & share at several men's groups:  Lazy Brook Baptist two weeks ago, Livingston United Methodist Men's Group last week, and am planning two trips in May with Fellowship of Montgomery Men's Group.  The Houston and Livingston events were wonderful and I am looking forward to Montgomery! The eating was fabulous and they wanted to hear the story of how sport is being used to share the gospel and helping to change cultures. I am very blessed to have the opportunity to pour into men's lives and

HiS PRINT Update - One of Many!!

Hello Folks, I realize while I am stateside, I get lazy and don't inform you of all that is going on and the many moving parts that continue to happen and grow the ministry both locally as well as globally. It is neat to witness the ministry continue to happen while we are not there, with teams coming to HiS HOUSE to pick up gear and our opportunity to ship things to different parts of the world as well. Then to be personally involved with more and more schools and organizations involved with donating equipment. I figure to best accomplish getting the word out to you and not make the blog too long, I will break it up in several and send out individually.  Football Team From Hungary Picking up Equipment Not sure where to start and to adequately get the information to you, because my head is absolutely swimming and filled to the brim with all that is going on. First off, we are so excited to see baseball flourish in Ukraine. We have been helping and ministering to many of