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Ministry Update

Hello Folks, Happy Mother's Day Weekend!  I pray all is well with everyone and you all had a wonderful, God-filled weekend!!  I j ust wanted to share an email I got from a missionary named Joel Toonstra (Macedonia) after they returned home from their trip to HiS HOUSE!   I met Joel last March when he and one of his ministry partners came to our Intentional Walk Baseball Coaches Clinic. Since that weekend I have stayed in touch with Joel, and this past April we invited him to come use HiS HOUSE and bring his baseball to team to play with some teams in Croatia. The Storks coaching staff organized a full fledged tournament and the result was a fantastic " Friendship Cup Tournament " weekend for everyone!   The words Joel shared from the wives reminded me of Mother's Day and thought I would share with you all: The wives loved the house!  and Janko!     Many took the time to tell me that our weekend there was exactly what they needed..... a break from the demands