Life has to be lived moving forward, but can only be understood by looking back! Why look back? To learn, to educate yourself. You learn not only from information, but the greatest teacher is experience! 

Experience is indeed what we have had! Here in Serbia God has blown open doors larger than we could have ever imagined to help clubs with knowledge through camp, donated equipment necessary to allow them to play properly, and most importantly to share Christ's love! American football here is huge with 38 teams throughout Serbia participating and God is opening the doors to reach regional as well as national alliances! 

Vukasin is our Serbian man of peace who invited us to his country after attending HiS Print's 2016 Slovenia Football Camp. He is part of the FACT Alliance (Football Alliance Committee for The Balkans) we put together at the beginning of June to help with equipment distribution through the Balkan region. He introduced me to National President as well as several Regional Presidents. They are so open and receptive to our help and willing to listen to the message of Jesus's love for them!
Vukasin, our Serbian Man of Peace!  He set up the entire camp.

Regional Football President

The players are so attentive and hard working, soaking up everything they can while we are here! They also give us so much respect and pay attention to the message we are bringing. We found out today that this is the biggest American football camp conducted her on Serbia ever! Looking forward to the opportunity to share with equipment distribution as well as coming back in future years to conduct more camps! 

Two girls participated in the Serbia Football Camp!

We leave this evening after our afternoon practice we have to return back to Sisak. We have had a packed three days of two/day practices plus daily chalk talk! I am sure the 4 hour trip back to HiS HOUSE will be filled with stories of each of the coaches experiences! 

Have a wonderful God filled day!