Fall 2019 Blog 2

October 2019 Blog 2 Just like puzzle pieces, sometimes you really must work to see how the pieces of HiS PRINT Ministries fit together. You need to turn the piece several ways to see if it will fit or match the specific colors to a part of the puzzle so that you can make the roof of the house or the fence that goes across the yard. No matter the case, you couldn’t finish the puzzle without the proper pieces fitting together and all the pieces in place to make the picture complete. That is where all the support we have received through donated equipment has come in time after time and year after year!

The HiS PRINT Sports Equipment Ministry has now received requests from over 100 clubs located in 31 different countries, and we continue to receive new requests every day! We could not do it without individuals, local select teams, high school teams, college programs and ice hockey arenas, as well as from other ministries who have been blessed with collecting more than they could use and…

Fall 2019 Blog 1

October 2019 Blog 1

I can't seem to find the time to sit down and report all that is going on around and through HiS PRINT while I am stateside. While we are on our MLO's I don't seem to have any trouble putting a Blog together to keep you informed and up to date, and then I get home and BAM! The mic gets dropped on me and I lose time! It's like finding all the pieces of a 1,000 piece jigsaw puzzle and putting them together to form the picture you see on the box lid, BUT you don't have the box lid. We have so many pieces before us, it's hard to arrange them so they will fit together and help you see the picture of what is going on with HiS PRINT these past 2 months. Even while I am sitting here typing, I can get overwhelmed with all those pieces and afraid I'll miss one or two and then the picture won't become visible.  
But just like life and the juggling process we go through trying to keep them all in the air and not fall, we just need to let them fa…

His TIME Prayer Gathering at HiS HOME


2019 Summer MLO Blog 21

2019 Summer MLO Blog 21
Reflections (David Moss) Give and Receive, not Give and Take. I will share more on this in my next update, but those are the words that God has laid on my heart of how we as Christ followers need to be, teach and have others learn!

Life with Christ needs to be more than an emotion; it’s a devotion. A devotion that carries you through the valleys of difficulties and struggles, carries you over the mountain-top experiences of jubilation, and extends that joy in life well past the mountain-top and into the everyday of life!

I started writing this while I was sitting in the Zagreb airport waiting for my flight to come home and I am completing it 27 hours later. After two cancelled flights, standing in lines to reschedule, another delayed flight and a security line of over an hour, I missed my flight from Germany to Chicago; after another 2 hour line wait to get another flight home, and security line in Chicago that almost caused yet another missed flight to Housto…

2019 Summer MLO Blog 20

Poland Camp (Coach Robert) We often share our MLO experiences from the perspective of our team members, but today we would like to share a wonderful letter we received from Coach Robert in Poland.  Thank you for your continued prayers, gifts of equipment and financial support!

Remember God Loves You, and so do I!
David Dear Friends and Brothers in HiS Print,

Thank you vey much for another trip to Poland. It was another chance for us to share beloved sports but most of all the friendship and love of Jesus through HiS Print Family. It was also another possibility for the local society to meet different culture. The camp was great. We had 25 players of different ages and a group of 13 kids from nearby area who took part in English Classes. The English Classes, according to the parents of the kids, were a wonderful time for the kids and provided the chance to use English for those not involved in baseball or softball.

Thank you for the equipment you brought to Poland . It will help us to impr…

2019 Summer MLO Blog 19

Faith (Heidi Dawson) Faith. I need more faith.

On Sunday a small team of five (Stefan, Ari, Robert, Mario, and Heidi) drove into the mountains of Croatia headed toward a town called Gračac. The roads were windy and the terrain seemed to change every ten minutes as we continued to climb up the mountains through switchbacks and hairpin turns. A few days before this, David had received information regarding a baseball camp in Gračac. For some reason they were in need of baseball coaches and had reached out to him for help. A handful of us were available so we set out to find a town we’d never heard of, in an area of Croatia in which we’d never been in, and with less information than we are typically given. We could only help for a few days. We weren’t even sure what help they needed. How much help could we really provide?

Faith. I need more faith. As we continued climbing up the mountains, I couldn’t help but wonder who could possibly live up here. The terrain was incredibly rocky and w…