Spring 2024 Blog 1

  2024 - Blog 1 HiS Print Steps Forward on His Path H i S  Place (Alvin, Texas) As 2023 scurried past and we entered 2024, I asked our HiSPrint Board to continue to pray for God’s leading in the ministry and to dig deeper into what His intentions were for each of them individually. We all go through seasons and in those seasons, God will sometimes call us into something or somewhere different. I can attest to that, as God has taken me through some real twists and turns in my life, some of those had to do with complete career changes, and others took on different responsibilities within His calling on my life.             As most of you know my profession was college coaching for years in Ohio and Indiana. I grew up in Indiana playing high school and college baseball and got my master’s degree in Ohio at Bowling Green State University. I began my college coaching career there in 1983, became a pitching/catching coach at Indiana University and, in 1989 came to Houston to begin a career a

Fall/Winter 2023 Blog

  Fall/Winter Blog:  Roads Open and We Walk With Him Leading It has been extremely busy these past two months and I’m not sure I could keep your attention with my words describing everything, so I am going to leave it up to the pictures to say 1,000 words and I’ll just give a short overview of all that has happened.  His Place (Alvin, Texas) Entrance to HiS Place. Come on out and visit us!  Things are moving right along out at HiS Place. We have accomplished a lot, but a lot still needs to be done. Construction of a God Garage (10,000 sf) warehouse needs to be built to house all the donated equipment to be shipped around the globe. However, currently the animals are waiting for your visit!  Longhorns love to be fed and will come right up to you but be careful of those horns.  The pond has been dug and it holds water! We don’t have fish yet, but there is a kayak with your name on it. Or you can be like me and just sit by the water and enjoy the peacefulness of being quiet.  Pond is wait

Fall 2023 - Blog 2

God's Highway Surrender, Walk in Surrender, Learn from the TOILS and Heed the Warning Signs  Walking on God’s path is the first step of journeying with Him. Although that is the most important step, because without it you’ll be on a self-induced, self-satisfying trip to destruction that will have its momentary highlights of happiness and self-fulfillment, it will quite quickly fade away; leaving the person asking “Is this all there is?”  Getting in step with God on His path is much more than praying for His illuminated path, because without following the next steps that are just as important as that first one, you will soon find yourself wondering how you got where you ended up and bewildered on how you got there; After all, you were on His path, where did He go!   Once on this journey on His path, you must remember what it means to pause (Rapa with Papa), Submit and get in proper alignment (Hupotasso), learn from the TOILS:   T rust  O bey  I ntentional  L oyal S urrender  Be caut