2021 April Blog

Time just seems to get away and before I know it another day, week and almost a month has whizzed by. So much has happened that I am not able to capture it all in this blog, but I can give you some highlights. That tells me I need to update you more often so I can include all that is happening. I need to remind myself to slow down long enough to make that happen so I can keep you better informed.  H i S PRINT  is busy both globally and locally. God is moving in amazing and multiple ways on both fronts. Croatia Earthquake Relief Globally we are so blessed to have Stefan and Arie in Croatia helping those in need and visiting the people affected by the earthquakes. They also continue to reach out and deepen the relationships we have developed in the past, as well as create new relationships by their being available! They continue to help those who come to  H i S HOUSE  to work in earthquake rebuilding and their hospitality and friendship has been felt by those team members visiting. Stork

Spring Blog Earthquake Update

Spring Blog March 2021 Earthquake Update This is the time of year I am usually writing you blogs from our spring MLO while in Croatia, but since Covid restrictions are still in effect, we are still unable to travel overseas. However, ministry continues on with a lot happening and a lot to coordinate locally at the warehouse with shipping equipment and at HiS PLACE with building and expandin

2021 Blog 1- Croatia Earthquake Update

Hello Folks,  I would like to share a couple of things with you concerning what happened in Croatia at the end of 2020 and what is continuing to happen even today, with all the earthquakes. The following blog was written by a dear member of the HiS PRINT Family who lives in Sisak. His account and reaction brings home the enormity of the quakes and the hope he has in mankind and especially in God. Please take the time to read his account.    From Lordan:  It’s difficult to describe what happened in Sisak on 28th and 29th of December, 2020.  It’s difficult to describe all the important aspects of the earthquake catastrop