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Croatia Mission 2014 Day 3 PRAYER NEEDED!

Folks, We need prayers lifted up for Coach Daniel, the coach of the Storks and a dear friend and brother in Christ! He collapsed today at the field and we had him rushed to the hospital. He has been throwing up and light headed. After many hours of waiting, they are sending him to neurology and checking his brain as well as possible blockage in his neck arteries! He is stable and we got a chance to see him briefly before they took him to be tested. Please pray for Coach Daniel and for the Storks who love him dearly.  To stand there in the hall with 7 men who admire, love and care for this man who has poured so much of his life into them and the baseball club was a blessing.  I will keep you posted.  I will say that today was absolutely incredible with so many praises from the library program and so many children that showed up, to the meeting that Joe Page and I had with the city officials to discuss the Texas Carnival! God was there in both situations and blessed us beyond m

Croatia Mission 2014 Day 3 (Sunday June 29)

God's Timing and Plans!! Always the best and worth following! Sunday was an incredible day of worship and baseball! The sermon you prayed for went better than expected and the joy I had and felt is indescribable. It was the first time I witnessed a tennis match personally at a worship service. By that I mean, to watch people look and hear me and then to turn their heads  and look and listen to Stefan was neat to witness! It was like they were at a tennis match, watching back and forth from speaker to translator. From the reactions during and the words of encouragement shared afterward, I know God's word and truth touched hearts and minds. After I finished preaching and the end of the service, I invited the entire team of HiS PRINT up to the stage with me, to show the brothers and sisters how many people were there to serve, share and encourage the people of Croatia! After church we came home and had just a little down time prior to going over to the NEST for the baseball g

Croatia Mission 2014 Day 2 Part I

Wow what a day! Much of the group went to Zagreb, the capital of Croatia to take in some sights and culture! I feel it is important for those who come on a misson trip with HiS PRINT should have the opportunity to learn about the country and the people they are going to be sharing and serving. They all had a great time and our newbies, the Baker family, really had a great time and experience. Their two boys are energizer bunnies and keep us all hopping and in good humor! They are such a joy to have around. While that group was in Zagreb, the rest of us went downtown to the outdoot market to a sport demonstration by the Storks! This was done as an advertisement to the camp, inviting all the children we saw to the camp next week. We will see if some of them may come, but even if not, it was a pleasure to watch these boys demonstrate some hitting drills and fielding skills.  After that we returned back Janko's and spent some down tim

Croatia Mission 2014 Day 2 Part II

While we had groups in Sisak and Zagreb today, a third small group (Neven Kastmiller from The Storks), JD and Ellen Harris, and Maja) did a presentation of baseball and Texas cattle roping for kids in a summer sports camp at a small village called Prnjavor Čuntićki.  They had a great time loving and playing with the children!

Made it Safely

Folks, Thanks so much for your prayers for our safety in travel, getting all the luggage and people to Croatia with little to no delay or  being lost!  SAFE and SOUND with all bags accounted for! For the first time in several years, we made it with no bags being lost and on time! It's incredible to be back here in Croatia and to work with the team that God has assembled! I'm mighty tired so will fill you more later, but did want to say thank you for those blankets of prayers you threw over us! Blessings and have a wonderful God filled day! It is 10:15 at night here and after being up the better part of two days the eyelids are closing as I type. More news to fill you in on tomorrow. Blessings, David

The Day Has Come: HiS PRINT Mission 2014

Hey Folks, Would appreciate the prayers for HiS PRINT mission 2014! We leave today, between 3:30 and 4:00 and have a lot of people (28) and bags (15 extra) filled with baseball, football and carnival equipment that need to make the trek across the pond to Croatia! We are all flying the same direction but on different paths! Please pray we will make connections and bags will make the transition with no problems. There has only been two out of the 9 years we have gone where there were no problems! We know we are prepared if they arise, but would be ecstatic if those would by pass us this year! As we say on the ministry team: The Power Equation of life is Strength + Flexibility = POWER! The important part in that equation is that you get the ingredients correct to make it work - Allow God to provide the Strength and we provide the flexibility and we will have His POWER to carry us through any and all struggles, obstacles and road blocks!! Get it wrong, thinking we provide the streng

Croatia Mission 2014 Coming Soon! This year includes Poland!

H i S  PRINT Ministries will be embarking on our annual mission trip to Croatia next week, June 26th, for the 9th year! We are excited about all that God is doing and the many opportunities and doors He is opening to allow us to love on people and love them till they ask why! This summer we will be taking 28 people with us and have a lot of events planed throughout our 3 weeks we will be there (June 26-July 18). From dance, baseball and football camps, to programs at the children's libraries, nursing home, adult handicap facility and orphanage. Our major event this summer will occur Saturday, July 5th from 6:00 to 10:00 in the evening. It is our street reach event called the Texas Carnival. For the past 3 years we have hosted this on The NEST, the Storks baseball field, but this year the city has granted us permission to bring it downtown where we have the potential to reach thousands. We will be having carnival games, dance recitals, Croatian Christian Rock Band October Light