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In Isaiah 6 verse 8, Isaiah hears the voice of the Lord saying: "Whom shall I send, who will go for us?" Isaiah's response was not simply "Here I am", but his was "Here I am, send me!" Do you see the difference in those two responses? Saying "here I am" only, implies a doubt or hesitation, only acknowledging that you have heard! By following that response up with, "send me!", shows determination, enthusiasm, dedication and most importantly dependence on the Lord, to do what He is asking!  What is your response? To go and be sent is to be open to walk where God leads, trusting in His Holy Spirit to guide and leaning on His understanding and not your own! All of us are called to reach others! God didn't call the qualified, He qualifies the called and He has called us all to testify for Him. For most of us it doesn't mean traveling 6,000 miles away, but simply walking 6 feet away to share His love with someone, more accur

Home Sweet Home

Being back on Texas soil and in my Baby Doll's arms is a great place to be! I am so thankful that is where I am, but the safest and best place to be is in God's will and that is where I was and pray I will continually be! Back in my Baby Doll's arms! Being gone just short of two months is a long time away without your bride beside you, so being back home is a huge blessing! Thanks to all of you for your prayers and support for H i S PRINT and our Summer 2017 MLO (Mission Learning Opportunity) efforts which just came to a close. But please don't let those prayers cease! H i S PRINT has grown into a full time ministry that is continually doing God's work throughout the year! Currently we are planning a fall event state-side, continuing collection and pick-up of donated equipment around the city, and are working on our two 2018 MLOs (planned for next March and June/July.) As I reflect back on these past 2 months, there are so many remarkable and AWEMAXING


Started early this morning for my 16 hour trek back into my Baby Doll's arms! I am sitting in the airport in Frankfort Germany and just had a God moment! This is like the third one today and if I stay awake long enough on this next 11 hour flight, I gotta feeling there will be more!  First, the morning started when Janko, our loved brother of HiS HOUSE, got up and took HiS house companion to the airport! Although we were both sad, we were also excited to witness together all that God accomplished these past 2 months. Spending time in prayer on the drive up was special and I had to stop several times to take some deep breaths just to keep my composure! Still failed at doing so, I just love that man so much! I tried to convince him several times that Lewis and Clark (our island expedition names) should not separate and that he should come on back to Texas with me to see everyone! Here is the reaction I got: Janko's reaction to coming to Texas! Needless to say he'


If I could go into detail on what occurred these past 24 hours and try and give you just a small glimpse of God's hand descending on a group of men, gathered around a table, trying to hammer and hash out how this equipment can be disbursed, you would see nothing short of a miracle!  You may recall that I put together the AFACT Committee to help distribute the football equipment that HiS PRINT has collected.  The committee consists of three men from Croatia and Serbia. We gathered together to discuss how to best distribute the equipment, but most importantly how to best share the love that God has and how HiS PRINT is a part of His plan! Well, what started out as a difficult, tense, sometimes loud meeting, with everyone wanting something different. But God stepped in and created a working environment that was filled with compassion and a desire for cooperation. In the end, God's love was expressed and HiS PRINT'S role in expressing that love was emphasized to the membe