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What We Do and Why We Do It

Hello Folks, Would like to ask for prayer for the shipment that is due to reach port in Croatia at the end of the this week and for the 20 members of the March HiS PRINT team that is due to leave on March 8 and lead our spring MiLO from the 8th to the 18th.  Please pray for safety and opportunity to love them where they are and love them till they ask why. Speaking of loving them where they are please take the time to read the three short thank you's from coaches and presidents of some American Football clubs in The Balkans, Croatia, Serbia and Slovenia.  Have a wonderful God filled day! HE DID IT! David WHY WE DO WHAT WE DO and GO WHERE WE GO! 3 Messages from Coaches and Presidents Of Football teams in The Balkans.  A Message from Mario Penic in Croatia Former coach of the Split Sea Wolves "Remember that one big part of boys were raised after the war this way in the balkan region and having sense of accomplishment, affirmation, emotion, through foot

Ministry Update February 2018

Hello Folks, 2018 has started out with a bang! I want to take a moment to share some news of my ministry life, both globally through HiS PRINT and locally through The Gathering. Being the Director of The Gathering in Houston, under Executive Director Roger Wernette, has been a huge blessing and has allowed me to watch God orchestrate opportunities here in Houston, to reach people for Christ, as well as encourage Christians who are desiring a life that reflects Him. Being a part of both ministries has been rewarding and has kept me extremely busy.  First of all PRAISE for funds that were raised to match a $50,000 gift given at the end of 2017 to The Gathering. As a result, we were able to complete the match and were blessed by each of you who generously gave to help us financially. In the next two months, The Gathering will be hosting two major events that are centered around leadership and outreach.  On March 8th we are partnering with Integrus Leadership to host a Leadersh