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HiS PRINT Update September 22, 2013

Hey Folks, Long time no talk to! Over a month ago my wife challenged me to write to all of you to keep you posted on what has been happening and what is about to occur in the near future and by the hand of God, in the distant future as well. Well, that was over a month ago and I never did it. First of all, I don’t want to ever burden any of you or seem like a pest when you see yet another update of blog on how things are going in Croatia and with HiS PRINT Ministries. My intentions are not to bother, pest or annoy you, but just to keep you updated with all that is going on with the ministry. Since on two separate occasions this past week, a person asked me why I didn’t send updates while I was here in the states, that I didn’t have to wait until I was over 6,000 miles away, to share so they could keep up! So here it goes. I won’t have the energy and you won’t have the time to read, if I were to put down every thing that has been going on since my last post on July 13 th  after ou