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Blessed to be a Part of HiS PRINT!

We at HiS PRINT have been blessed to be a part of many opportunities to share the love of Christ with others as well as partner with teams across the globe to love people. On this particular instance we were able to provide to those in need in Croatia. HiS PRINT and Sea Wolves Christmas Project 2016 What a blessing it was to partner with the Split Sea Wolves American football club from Split, Croatia to provide Christmas gifts to many children with disabilities. The Sea Wolves reached out, HiS PRINT provided the shirts and hats and God used it to touch the hearts of many children who have very little. The children were from an organization that cares for those with disabilities as well as children with cancer. Blessed to take part and want to say thank you to the Sea Wolves for their stepping out and loving those children where they are! Merry ChristMas, God Bless and Happy New Year! Let's celebrate Mas Christ in the coming year! May the Lord bless you all in 2017 and than

Preparing another Shipment of Equipment!

Dear friends, Merry Christmas!  May we celebrate Christ Mas and not less!  Let's Celebrate Him not just during the season, but throughout the year, making it a lifestyle and not just a holiday! I pray you will have the time to watch this short 1 1/2  minute video that gives you a small glimpse into what HiS PRINT is doing to with the shipment of equipment to Eastern Europe and The Balkans! Thanks for the donations and please be praying for the shipment that we will be sending in January, Good Lord willing! Through the years we have had the honor and pleasure to ship many containers as well as carry extra luggage on our Mission Learning Opportunities every summer and fall/spring. We have taken over 50,000 pounds in previous shipments and are looking forward to 14,000 -18,000 pounds for the next 40-foot container. We have been blessed to pick up and receive equipment from around the city of Houston, throughout the state of Texas and from across the Na