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Blog 2 - Watch Out and Hang On!

Blog 2 - Watch Out and Hang On! Hello Folks, I have tried to limit my blogs to a minimum, so then I don’t overwhelm your email inbox. However, so many things happen daily that it’s hard to remember them all and give them the details they deserve! One because that would make the blog too long and secondly, because my memory is not what it use to be and I forget unless reminded. Since I last wrote there has been a flurry of activity, on baseball fields, at HiS HOUSE, and at the HiS PRINT warehouse. HiS HOUSE We had a blessing of 38 Macedonians come and visit HiS HOUSE. We were able to spend time with them around the house, on the field and in a variety of ways. It was like their own Migration of sorts so they could come and participate in a tournament the Storks were hosting. They were so appreciative of the time spent here and actually for many of them it was their second visit to HiS House; many of them came last year to play baseball as well. They asked me to participate in their aw…

Summer Migration to Croatia Begins

Hello Folks, The speed of life can go so quickly that you barely have time to stop and smell the roses, or when you try you get stuck by the thorns! The pace of ministry life has been 90 to nothing and my bride and I have barely had time to spend the quality of time together that we both desire and is needed for a healthy marriage. I am so blessed by the gift God gave me through Baby Doll and not a day goes by that I don't thank Him for her and ask His protection over her and us as we march down His path of ministry.  The past two months have been non-stop and although blessings every day and around every corner, it still can added undesired stress, so I would ask and covet each of your prayers for my bride and I as we walk out His path way in the journey of ministry! Starting back on February 26th we hosted a missionary couple from the Ukraine and showed them around Pearland and introduced them to several people to help them raise support. Soon after they left on March 2nd, I wa…

Croatian Migration Wrap-Up

Migration 2019 Wrap Up Hello Folks, Wow what a 10 days we had with our Croatian visitors and since they left Saturday night I am still processing all that went on. We covered a lot of ground around Houston, did a whole lot of activities and gained new friendships while deepening others we had already established. It was really a blessing to be a part of the Croatian Migration 2019 and see all the hearts touched.

Our drivers and host families each had a wonderful and heart-warming experience that they will never forget, and all the Croatian parents couldn't thank us enough for all that we did, but most importantly for the love that we shared!

Our HiS PRINT vision statement or motto is to "Love them till where they are and love them till they ask why", and I can assure you that the "why's" were asked over and over again. Sharing Christ is why we do it and the relationships we build while loving them where they are opens door after door to have conversations ar…