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2019 Winter Blog 3

Winter 2019 Blog 3 Sometimes you just have to let the pictures say the words and fill in all the blanks your words can never quite begin to describe. These are just a small sample of the thank you’s we have received from all over the world from the 100,000 of pounds of equipment we have sent around the globe! Shipments around the world! We pray that we would be able to meet every need, but that is not always possible. We receive the requests and fill them from the donations we have received from individuals, teams, schools, universities, leagues and professional teams. The needs are great and God has blessed us with collections from all over Houston, across Texas and from around the nation.  We ask that you join us in prayer for the supplies of equipment requested and the finances necessary to meet those shipping needs. We have seen God open door after door, allowing us to share where we send, because those who ask and receive, will alw

2019 Winter Blog 2

Winter 2019 Blog 2 He is the Reason for the Season! We have heard that said many times and I wholeheartedly agree with it, but our actions and behavior don’t always come in agreement with it. Take for instance the pressure many of us feel to get the right gift or be at all the places we need to be and still have to do the everyday things in life, we already struggle with throughout the year. Where is Christ in that? The actual word Christmas is a reminder to us to desire more Christ! ChristMas, ChristMore! And if you're out and about and someone says Happy Holidays, so that they are politically correct, turn back to them and say Happy HolyDays! Let’s give the Reason for the Season its Due and give Christ the acknowledgement He deserves. And when you are Struggling with the Juggling, let them fall into Jesus’ lap! He will handle them all with care and hand you the one thing He desires for you to take care of and focus on! To help you remember, think of the G.G.   when y

2019 Winter Blog 1

Winter 2019 Blog 1 What a flurry of activity it has been for us at  H i S PRINT . I know all of us have that feeling coming off Thanksgiving and entering into the Christmas season and all that is going on with Christmas parties, family activities and the rush of season can just about plow us over and wrap us up as tight as one of those packages you have under the tree. I might have just added to that flurry, when you realize you don’t have any of those gifts wrapped yet; in fact, you still haven’t ventured out to shop, because of all that you have going on. Enough said?  Well, let’s all take that deep breath, stop long enough to be thankful for what you have been given, reflect back to see all the blessings you have received and be excited, knowing our God sent the best package thousands of years ago! That gift is Immanuel “God With Us" Matthew 1:23.  In Matthew 1:22, Joseph was told to call Him Jesus “God Saves”. What a beautiful package wrapped up in the gift of Jesus,