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Clarification and Processing - HiS PRINT Update

Hello Folks, Now that I have been home for a little over a week and having recovered almost 100%, I am still having trouble grasping all that went on during this MLO! What God allowed us to do and the open doors of developing relationships during those 10 days was mind blowing and I am still trying to grasp it all! I have been in tears several nights when thinking about it and explaining to my bride God's hand working through it all. I wanted to update you on a couple of things, clarify something from the last blog I sent and to share with you two emails we have received since returning. Some of you have asked about the caption below one of the pictures of me saying, "Sharing my BS Story." Some asked if that was a typo while others asked if it meant what they thought it meant and in a way it did. The BS story is my life before Christ. My life was so full of BS, it stunk, but not the BS you are thinking of, but just as crappy and smelly. The BS was all about me

March MLO: Mission Comes to an End, But the Learning and Opportunities continue!

From the chance for our hockey coaches to share their life stories to my opportunity to share my testimony, God uses those situations to soften hearts and create open discussions. From coaches requesting more baseball devotional books to others asking if they could take more Sports Bibles, God will use the written Word to share His story!  Nedo with his new Sports Bible David sharing his BS story Well, most of the team has made it back to their homes but five remain at H i S HOUSE (flying out today) and two are stranded with me in Frankfurt, Germany! The Mission may be over, but the Learning and Opportunity continue from this day forward!  Stranded in the Frankfurt airport From meeting Emily, a school teacher from The Woodlands who also got stranded, to meeting Rex from the Caribbean while sitting in the chairs in the airport, it was all God’s design to create Devine appointments to share His love. Praying for Emily there in the airport was a highlight o

March MLO - Riding a God-Sized Wave of Gratitude and Blessings!

What God did, the people He used to do it with and the blessing we had to share with those who came was the best wave a surfer dreams of having the chance to ride! I make that analogy only because of our California contingent who joined the H i S PRINT Team this time! With those 6 team members from the great state of California, our northern partner from Wisconsin and our brother from Germany, we were blessed to share Christ from more than just Texas!  The hockey camp was a huge success and our coaches were invited back for future opportunities.  The baseball coaches remained at H i S HOUSE well after the clinic was complete, just to spend time together! Developing new relationships and establishing deeper ones from previous years is the reason we come these 6,000+ miles! God opens, calls and guides us to those He desires us to share with. Here are just two examples of those who were grateful we came!  Eldar from Bosnia (Football Coach): “Likewise, it was great meeting you

March MLO Day 8: Mission Leaning Opportunity - God is God!

God is a big, big God and He’s a God of might, love and grace, as well as surprises! Nothing is a surprise to Him, but He sure can pull a fast one you in more ways than one!  Our hectic, fast-paced, blessed schedule has prevented me from writing updates the last couple of days, and now that so much has transpired it's really hard to put my thoughts into words! Thursday was a flurry of activity with the start of Hockey Camp, Intentional Walk Baseball Coaches Clinic and sorting of the equipment at the warehouse for distribution to both! It was "pedal to the medal" for everyone! Over 40 players attended the Hockey Camp and 43 coaches came for the Baseball Coaches Clinic. It was a blessing to share with each one of them! Hockey Camp with over 40 players! Our new friends from Ukraine! Andrii and his wife lead a baseball ministry with inner city kids in Kiev Ukraine     Baseball coaches winning door prizes! Baseball Coaches at HiS HOUSE Breakf

March MLO Day 7: Hard Work and No Play Spells TIRED

Wow what 7 days make, not just a week, but action packed, non-stop activity!  On Wednesday, while the business seminar was going on, we had a crew working on organizing the 14,000 pounds of equipment at the warehouse! And boy did they work and organize! All the rest of the baseball and hockey equipment was separated, sorted and organized for distribution across the region. It almost feels like you are at Walmart. We even have a map on the wall to show you where everything is! Open doors and opportunities to share His love through equioment can now continue! Praise God!  Have a wonderful God filled day!  David!

March MLO Day 6: Picture is Worth a 1,000 Words!

Picture is Worth a 1,000 Words! And No Words could Describe! Those two thoughts are running through my mind as I try to place my thoughts around all that God is doing! This picture was taken Wednesday night from our H i S HOUSE back patio and it is indeed worth a thousand words.  Yet all those words wouldn’t begin to adequately describe the beauty it has and the majesty it possesses. All words placed together would pale in comparison to the masterpiece it is! That is exactly how I feel as I try and translate into words what transpired here these last two days! Not because it has been any more miraculous than the previous 6 days, but because I’ve used up all the words already that can best describe what God is doing and I sound like a broken record!  The business seminar was a major success and we were actually asked to come back once a month! Their attentiveness was refreshing and their questions afterward were not just about business but also around faith! Praise God for

March MLO Day 5: More Community Outreach

Tuesday was another wonderful day of community outreach!  Our team visited a local elementary school and presented a sports program for over 125 children from the 3rd, 4th and 5th grades. The presentations of American football, ice and roller hockey and baseball were wonderful and the children all wanted to participate.  Everyone had a blast!  The last of our 20 team members arrived today and we are excited about the upcoming events. If you're interested in coming, it’s not to late! Fly into Zagreb Croatia and we will arrange to pick you up! God bless and have a wonderful God filled day! Mossman

March MLO Day 4: Community Outreach

Monday was a day of recovery from the weekend flurry of activities with the Extra Point Football Clinic. Sleeping in was a popular activity! After allowing time for an adequate amount of shut eye, we gathered together and had a beautiful time of prayer, devotions and fellowship.  Then we headed out to the food pantry to deliver food to less fortunate people in and around Sisak. We were able to pray and deliver food to 10 families and wow, what a blessing this experience was again! The picture below is of me with a young boy named David.  David has been left blind and unable to walk since he was diagnosed with a brain tumor at age 4. I was also blessed with the opportunity for Mark Hull and I to be invited to come and look at the city of Sisak’s wrestling club! That was totally a God thing and I wish I had the time to go into complete detail as to how this all came about and how God designed all of it through Devine appointments.  Later! HE DID IT!  Let's Do IT! 

MARCH MLO Day 3: Moving Forward By Walking IT OUT!

The final day of the Extra Point Football Clinic has come and gone! God far exceeded our expectations of what happened, because we came into this with none. God orchestrated a beautiful harmony of coaches from all over the Balkans, to come here and gather around a table to learn and listen to us share, and more importantly for us to hear and understand where they are coming from and the needs they have. But the most important thing was that they sat around that table and listened to one another! The reception, attentiveness and understanding simply blew us out of the water! Thank you Holy Spirit for molding each of these little letter “ i ’s” to be used in the best way you saw fit with your power, love and self discipline! H i S PRINT was definitely left on the hearts of each participant.  Three boxes of FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes) Sports Bibles were taken by Serbian and Bosnian Coaches Alliances! Praise God! And all coaches made it through customs at borders with no pr

March MLO Day 2: Discovery

What a remarkable day of activities that were fast and furious, but the day can best be described as a day of discovery! The discovery was in such a wide variety of ways that it’s hard to really place down in words, but to witness all that occurred during this day goes way beyond the sport of football. Just in this past tweny-four hours the 78 coaches and 13 team members have witnessed new discoveries and new possibilities!  To witness these men from the former communist country of Yugoslavia (4 countries, cultures, and religions) come under one roof and sit, eat and participate side by side and not get at each other’s throats is nothing short of a miracle! As Vuk put it at the start of the clinic, “A beautiful thing that is hard to explain but God.” They shared and listened to each other, with the main goal of not desiring to be the only one heard. I and the rest of the team have been blessed beyond measure, and to be a small part of what God is doing in this region of the w

March MLO Day 1: Do You Believe?

There are thirteen H i S PRINT Team members on the ground presently in Sisak, Croatia and nine more on the way over the next 72 hours.  The team is coming together to help administer His plan over the next ten days in six different ministry opportunities! God put together a team of warriors including coaches, teachers, college professors, business owners, businessmen and athletic trainers from Texas, California, Wisconsin and Germany all with one common denominator: Jesus Christ and His call to come alongside H i S PRINT and share His love! On Friday evening we welcomed 58 coaches from across the Balkans and are expecting 12 more to join us this morning for this weekend's first ever Extra Point Football Coaches Clinic! With these 70 coaches and our 10 coaches and presenters, this one of the largest football coach clinics held in Eastern Europe and the largest in the history of the Balkans! The first night registration and activities were a great success. Rebecca Johnstone and

Prayer Request - Travel

Dear Prayer Warriors, We just received this request from David Moss.  Please pray for him and the team members as they travel.  They are heading out today and have experienced some flight challenges.... "Lisa and Mike Norman and myself have been bumped from our flight to Croatia. We have made different arrangements and are getting rerouted through Amsterdam, but our luggage is still on the plane to Boston. It was already loaded and we were told they wouldn’t pull it. Mike and I prayed right then and there and would now like to ask the prayer warriors to join us!  God has it! We wrote those plans in pencil and handed God the eraser. He obviously had other plans!  HE DID IT!"

HiS PRINT Spring MLO Begins Today!

Hello Folks, Today marks the day that we head out for our spring MiLO over to Croatia to lead a bundle of ministry opportunities! We have 22 people heading to Sisak, Croatia from all over the United States as well as places in Europe to come help HiS PRINT minister through Football Coaches Clinic, Baseball Coaches Clinic, Praying and Delivering Food with the Food Pantry, Elementary School Program to introduce American Sports, Business Seminar with local business owners and CEO's and Hockey Camp. And we are doing all this in 9 days! God has created this awesome opportunity to declare His name and share His love! Please pray for safe travels and energy to share with all those He will be bringing from all over The Balkans! The football clinic has over 100 participants and has become the largest coaches clinic on European soil! Please pray for great weather and clearing of the snow so we can participate outdoors for the clinics. There are so many praises that have occurred these