Over the past 12 years and the multiple trips that I have taken here to Croatia and across The Balkans and Eastern Europe, there have be more blessings than I can even begin to number and although can't recollect each of them currently, I know it doesn't take long for me to bring them to the forefront! This trip is no different and before I forget them I would like to mention a few! 
  • The opportunity to work with the full Croatia National Little League team for a week! We introduced the idea last year and they brought 4 or 5 players to our camp so that we could work with them. This year they bought into the concept of bringing the entire team and we held a special 4 day camp just for them! Trust and mutual respect is being developed a little each year and we are extremely grateful to have that opportunity to teach the game and share Christ's love! 
  • Blessed to have my niece Brenda and her husband Marion and 6 of their 7 children come and join HiS PRINT from Indiana! In the past I have had my father join me, my bride for 3 different years and my oldest son Grant for 4 years. Those times with family are always a blessing and seeing fathers and sons/daughters, families working and serving side by side. Having my niece was the first of my large family to come and experience HiS PRINT first hand. 
  • Having full coaching staff to conduct this year's football camps in Split and Serbia. Watching them meld together as a staff and provide the much needed skills and knowledge for the players in The Balkans, and watching the players in attendance soaking it up, has been an inspiration to me. We have built huge bridges through the region through our willingness to share and provide knowledge, skills and equipment! 

  • Lastly, to see the young families of Sisak, mom and dad walking hand in hand and with their sons and daughters! That was present everywhere in the city this year and bring life and hope that there are brighter days and years ahead! 

God and Football
What's the most important thing in Football?
The Ball, without it you can't play! That's God in our lives!
What's the most important position?
The Center! Without Him you can never start the play! That's Jesus!

Have a wonderful God filled day!