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Day 5 - God's Strength through His Servants

Day 5 - God's Strength through His Servants. This team that God has assembled here at HiS HOUSE in Croatia is a blessing to serve with. Like every year, He brings the people together to march forward sharing His love in so may ways and in so many areas! We have people moving everywhere and seeing God show up is such a blessing. I am going to just try and give a small glimpse of each ministry area and activity so you can get a grasp of all the moving parts! Rachel and Angelique are making great connections with the 12 young ladies who have come to the dance camp. They have really meshed together so well and have made deeper connections spiritually with the girls. They did an exercise of taking their burdens to the cross, with Rachel sharing her difficulties by writing them on a scrap of paper and then she burned the paper, explaining that is what happens when you place your faith and trust in Jesus. Those sins and difficulties are removed and replaced with His forgiveness a

Update Day 4

Update Day 4 We have so many activities and ministries going on in so many place and in different cities it is hard to keep you up to date on all of them without writing a novel each day! The baseball and football camps went very well yesterday here in the coastal city of Split. The baseball camp was in the morning and we had 16 very eager participants who were mostly at the beginner level! It was so refreshing to teach them fundamentals and watch them soak it all in. The coach asked us if we could come and stay a month next year!  I don't think it would take much effort to convince a group of coaches to come to this beautiful city on the coast and do just that, but unfortunately we don't have that kind of time.  The  football camp had one of its largest participation in the 4 years we have had here. 37 came out to participate and 4 of them were young women in their 20's. They loved it and are wanting to start a women's flag team. They are friends of the Sea Wolv

Update Day 3 - Church and Travel

Update Day 3-Church and Travel Got a lot done in the garage to organize what little equipment that's left and going through the carnival and outreach crafts and activities. The camps start this week and the carnival is on Saturday. We are ready for the shipment and praying things will move forward on Monday. This delay is making the cost rise with customs, storage and tax fees! Please pray along side us to get the shipment released ASAP. We know God is in control and will help us in ways we need it, using those around us! Everyone's luggage arrived safely along with Rock who flew in Saturday afternoon. That was a huge answer to pray for everyone so everyone could get a clean change of clothes and get more comfortable. Appreciate everyone's prayers in this specific request! Went to worship with our brothers and sisters at Moscenisca Baptist Church and it was a real blessing to see our brothers and sisters and have the opportunity to share about HiS PRINT

HiS PRINT Summer MLO Begins

Well Folks, Time with my bride on the coast has come to an end and after a beautiful and wonderful relaxing time, we are back at HiS HOUSE in Sisak and much of the team arrived yesterday! We have 19 people coming and a family from Poland joining us this for the first week of mission activities! Thirteen of our team came in yesterday afternoon and although everyone reached here safely, much of the luggage did not! Please be praying that the remaining 6 pieces of personal luggage arrive today as well as for Rock who is traveling alone today and due to arrive at 2:00 this afternoon.  We had a great time yesterday of playing cards and looking around HiS HOUSE. We have several new members of the team and it was neat to see their reaction to HiS HOUSE and to spend time getting to know one another. Sis took a couple of guys back to the airport in the afternoon to pick up the lost luggage and Rachel who was flying in later in the evening. Again, Rachel arrived safely but no luggage an

R&R Before the MLO!

This is the Island of Korcula!  It is amazing to be here celebrating 26 years with my Baby Doll! After 8 years of being absent she is back with the ministry helping with our summer Mission Learning Opportunity, but before the rest of the team arrives next Friday we are getting away for 5 days to relax and enjoy the sea and the islands of Croatia! Awe inspiring is about all the words I can come up with, because no other words can come close to describing where we are! But to help you get a word picture I will say that we are staying in an apartment on the end of a dead end street, 5 meters from the crystal blue Adriatic Sea, the weather is a perfect 84 degrees with very low humidity and the people are welcoming and kind!  All of of this was made possible by Viki, the President of the American Football Club, the Ljubljana Mustangs in Slovenia. I met her this past March after helping her with equipment that the team needed to start! She also asked for us to come and do