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Ask Why!

Ask Why! First, off, let me tell you that my bride and I are freezing up here in Indianapolis Indiana, while here visiting my folks. Just so happens to be freezing rain today and this northern blood has thinned out considerably. My father has just had surgery to reattach his colon, from a rupture that occurred this summer. The reattachment was not as successful as we had originally hoped and Pops is very weak and in pain. Would appreciate each of your prayers for Charles as well as my mom, Cora. They are a real blessing to all those around them and to witness their love for one another after 68 years of marriage is amazing. While I have been here, I have had some time to write a response to people who have asked me time and time again as to why H i S PRINT goes where we go. People here in the States often ask me why we go over 6,000 miles away to share Gods love, when there are people 6 miles and even as close as 6 feet away who need to hear about and feel God's love! There i