June 26, 2010

Hey Folks, 

I woke up with a tremendous bad headache and got up and took something for it. I am waitng for it to take effect and then head back to lie down. I cannot believe it has only been 3 hours since I went to bed. We have a busy day ahead of us!
Everyone is doing great and getting along well. We have spent some time talking together and I have spent some time with each of the new people to find out why they have come and it has been a blessing to hear their responses. We went to have ice cream and everyone enjoyed that! The owner would not let me pay for any of it and it was awesome to see his face when he recognized us. God has truely blessed us with these people and have built some neat relationships. Saw some of the young baseball cadet players as well and they are excited that we are here. Many send their love and greetings. Neven, the captain of the baseball club is one proud pappa. His wife just gave birth to their first child and it is a son. He is disappointed in the turnout of the teams for the baseball camp and I told him that is not why we are here. We are here to show anyone the love of God and if that meant just the Storks and any other team, than that was Gods plan.

Janko, the Christian brother who we all stay with, was so happy to see us! We hugged and held each for a long time! Kristina, another Christian friend we have met over the years, was here when we arrived and had a meal cooked to feed an army and good enough for kings. Everyone loved it! Boozo, one of the older baseball players, was at the airport and it was so wonderful to see him and embrace us the way he did. For someone who would have nothing to do with us in the past, this was such a blessing. God has truely opened a door there for us to share His love with him!
We have a busy day for today with most of the group taking a tour of Zagreb, the capital of Croatia. They will get to see alot of the culture while there. Robert and I have a busy day of driving up to the youth camp and making sure all building materials are in place and ready to work with on Monday. Then we are goiing to unload all of the baseball equipment to take to the field, baseball practice at 4:00, go to the city park at 8 to promote the Texas Carnival for next Saturday and then home to rest for church on Sunday. God has truely blessed us with a wonderful team and I am praying we will make an impact on many God has cross our path. Pray we will love them till they ask Why and then have the comfort and confidence to share Christs love with them.

I love each of you so much and appreciate all of your prayer support.

Your Friend,