June 27, 2010

David called me on skype a little while ago. Said to give you an update. He was having lots of problems connecting with computer. It kept dropping the line. Hope this is not to wordy. Just trying to remember everything he told me in between all the disconnects.
They have had rain again today. Had to cancel practice and the basketball game they had planned between the Texans and the Croatians this evening. They were dissapointed because they would have been able to meet some new kids. Most of the kids showed up for practice even though it was raining so he took the opportunity to share with them how he got all the equipment he brought. Wanted them to realize people over here are working hard to raise money and that we don't just go out and buy things for them. He wanted them to know people here love them and pray for them daily. He told about how Ray Silva got together with his team and friends and raised enough money to buy a backstop or pitching net. Forgive me if I didn't get it right on what exactly they bought, but it was a really big deal to them in Croatia. He told how the coaches at HBU told him he could have all the old cleats that were left behind in the locker room from players...they get new ones every season, so many don't keep the old ones, which many are perfctly fine. He and Stefan went thru them and picked out the good ones and Stefan washed and cleaned every pair. Another kid thought about David as he saw his little league was going to throw away boxes of old baseball pants, many that were never used or didn't fit, or the color wasn't right. He went to his mon and told her they needed to get those pants to David and they were perfect for his baseball mission....they were perfect for the Cadets. Neven was there, he is the captain of the team and he and his wife visited Pearland last summer. They had their first child on June 24th, a little boy named Leo. David said Neven has been dissapointed in the turn our for the camp and the weather. They had been expecting a lot more teams to come, but some other MLB thing came up in Zagreb and teams wanted to do that instead. Neven listened as David spoke about the gifts of equipment and baseball gear he brought and how it all came about. David said he was in the back holding back tears. Afterwards he came up to David and they hugged for a good five minutes. David said to him, "you know why we do this, don't you?" and Neven said "yes." The Holy Spirit is working on Neven and he sees the joy from David and the others and knows where it comes from.
Joe and Grant Page had some flight problems getting back to Houston from Florida and had to delay their trip by a day. Pray they get to Croatia safely as they travel tomorrow. They arrive in Zagreb Monday evening.
Sunday the team will go to church at Mocenica (Not sure if I spelled that right). Then after church everyone will come to Janko's house for a BBQ. Later that afternoon David will take the group going to camp Zelna Dolina up there so they can get ready to work and build the bunk cabin they plan to build. Pray that the weather cooperates so they can get the bunk cabin built.
Last but not least, pray that the team at Janko's house gets some good sleep. There are some dogs that have been barking all night and disrupting sleep. Everyone is getting along great and they are having a blessed time. Please continue to pray for the people of Croatia and their mission.
Thanks, Debbie