June 29, 2010

Dear Prayer Team:
Here is the latest update from Croatia. 
Praise God for what He is doing and Thank You for praying.

Hi Earl! Here is another update from David.
Joe and Grant Page made it there safely today. When they got to Sisak, they had about 20 people come over to Janko's to meet them. They ended up singing praise and worship songs and Janko played the guitar. It was a great time of encourgement to all the youth that were there and you could see the joy in Janko's heart.
Tues. morning Joe and Zack will go back to airport in Zagreb to pick up the pitching maching. Pray that it made it and it clears customs and there are no problems getting it back to Sisak. David has practice at 10:00 with the Cadets and then at 5:00 practice with the Storks. Tues. evening David, Joe and Chris will have dinner at Coach Daniels home. Neven said Coach told him his heart is blessed and feels better now that David is here in Sisak and he is a tremendous friend. David said there is a camaraderie between them that he cannot explain and it is hard to believe. Pray for the opportunity for them to share Christ's love with Coach Daniel and his wife and that they will be eager to understand why his heart is feeling blessed.
Others in the group will go to watch Manuela, Stefan's sister, perform in a play on Tues. evening. After that she leaves for France for 2 weeks with her drama group. She has been very open and is wanting to be more involved with our team this time. Pray that she will be more open and receptive to hearing His word.
During practice today, tractors were working putting a road in for the trucks to come in to start working on the baseball field. The field had been leveled and trees were knocked down about 6 months ago, but has been sitting idle since because they ran out of money. They now have more funds, so they called the construction company and told them they had money and the construction company has been so slow, they came right away to start working again on the field. Neven and Coach Daniels goal is to try and have it finished by the time our team leaves. Pray that their finances are in order and they can complete the field in a timely manner so the kids will have a proper field to play on.  During practice they also put up the new backstop. It saved several balls from going into the Kupa river on the first day of use, that was pretty exciting. You can't describe the joy they players had in getting their prize possession of baseballs and wooden bats, the backstop and other equipment. It was such a joy to see them receive this equipment.
Praise for the beautiful weather they had today. It was about 76 with no humidity! Pray that it continues and that the teams that come to practice tomorrow will be blessed.
Also, the BEAT is back on for Wednesday evening. Pray for good turn out and that the youth would be receptive to the message given.
He also said the camaraderie, cohesiveness and flexibility of the mission team this year has been incredible.
Again, Thanks for all your prayers and support!
Debbie for David