July 2, 2010

Debbie, Thanks again for a great job.
Dear Prayer Team:  As you can see, our prayers are being answered in so many ways.  Some, not quite as we wished, but all in accordance with God's will.

Thank you for your faithfulness in praying.  Each day, we awake anticipating what God will do that day.
Blessisngs on you all.


I talked briefly with David last night and then they had some kind of power outage. He called this morning for just a minute to tell me what happened. They still did not have internet.
Both sessions of the camp yesterday went good. A team from Zagreb came and the Storks and Cadets are there. The team from Zagreb is staying in the Gymnasium, one of the high schools near by. Our team made them all goodie bags with candy, blow up bats, baseball cards, etc. and tracks in them. Not sure if they will understand or read the tracks, but they have them. They don't speak very good english, but they thanked our team alot for providing the camp and goodie bags. They were very appreciative. After camp they took all the kids out for ice cream. It was a real treat for them and gave out team the opportunity to build relationships and get to know them. Three more teams said they are coming on Saturday for the tournament, so pray they can all come and that all those who come will hear his word. Also pray that the tracks they hand out will be read and seeds will be planted.
They started work on the baseball field. Friday they are suppose to bring box cutter to cut and then they will start grading the feild. Progress is being made. Pray they continue to work on the field and that they have the finances to complete it. Everyone is very excited about the work going on.
David also found out today that the pitching machine has finally made it to Zagreb, but the customs office is closed until Monday. This means they will not have the machine for their camp which they were hoping for. But pray that it gets relased on Monday when they go to pick it up.
One last prayer. Pray for healing for Majah. Her incision is coming open from her c-section and causing complications. She has a nurse coming to her home helping with her dressings. Neven is having to take care of baby Leo on his own. Keep them all in your prayers, especially Majah for quick healing. The team had planned a visit with her on Friday, but will not be able to go now. Pray that maybe one or two of them could at least go and be there for her and show her Christ love in difficult times.
Again, Thank you all for your prayers and support. We are all overwhelmed as we see God working in this community and within our team.
Debbie for David.