July 1, 2010

Debbie, Thank you so much for the great job you are doing transcribing your conversations with David.

Dear Prayer Team:   Here is the latest update from our missionaries in Croatia.
What a fantastic job they are doing through the power and grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.
Thank you for your prayers.  Please keep it up.

Your bro in Christ,

Just finished talking with David. Here is an update from Wednesday.
They had the BEAT and had about 16 or so kids come. Several from the Cadets and 4 or 5 Storks and some others from the town along with all the team members and the regulars from Croatia. In total probably 35-40 people. David shared with them and thanked them all for coming. Told them there were many people back home praying for them. Bobby and Dalton shared their testimonies and they challenged everyone. There were lots of one on one conversations going on during the night. Afterwards, Dalton, Grant, Stefan and Marde went to the Kupa where the kids hang out. They met a couple of girls that they were able to share with. Pray the BEAT will get started back up and continue on so the teens will have a place to go and hang out, have fun and  hear the gospel.
The team working at ZD was at the BEAT and Bobby and Cory voted Erin (Shannon and Colin's daughter, about 11yrs old) as their MVP. They said she was a huge help by doing laundry, dishes, running errands back and forth and bringing them water as they worked. They have all the walls up and windows and doors in on the cabin and are ready to put the roof on and all the trim. Then they will start building the bunk beds. They are going to try and finish it on Thursday. Pray all goes well and they can complete the cabin as planned. Praise for the hard work they are all doing. The cabins will be much appreciated by Allen, Charlene and all the future campers who come to ZD.
Practice went great again today. Wyatt and Grant both stepped up the the plate and prayed before practice, they both responded beautifully and it was a great thing for the Cadets and Storks to see. The team also got some work in around the field between practices. Joe Page cut weeds all day long with a weed eater and Julie mowed around the field for about 3 hours while Marde raked. The Texas women put the Storks to shame....they were a little embarrased that they couldn't keep up with them! lol!
The Storks club president came to practice today. He gave Thanks to everyone for their support, time and prayers. He was very appreciative of all our mission team has done for the Storks over the years.
Thursday, Camp starts. They will go from 9-12 and 4-7. Pray that all goes well and they have a good turn out. Svjetlana, Stefan's mother, wants to take everyone to lunch and the museum between sessions, so it will be a long day. She always insist everyone see the Sisak museum and see a short video on the history of Sisak. (which is very interesting)  She is very,very proud of her city and her country. Also, pray for safe travel for Heidi (Marde's daughter) and Seth. They get to Sisak around 1:30 their time. They are both HBU students and have been on a study abroad program. They will be in Sisak for a couple weeks and will be returning home with Shannon and Erin. Heidi and Seth will be helping out with the Texas Carnival and where ever else they are lead or needed.
David also found out the pitching machine will be delayed yet another day. Pray that this is the last delay and they get the machine by Friday. He also asked that you keep Janko and his son, Timi in your prayers. Please pray for their relationship and also for Anna. Janko and Anna are separated and she is back in Germany. Janko prays they will on day be together again.
Majah (Neven's wife) came home from the hospital yesterday. She and baby Leo are doing fine. Leo had jaundice, so they kept him until it cleared up. He is doing good. The team will go visit the baby and proud parents on Friday. Praise that mother and baby are doing fine and home from the hospital.
Also, everyone thanks Gerry Mikeska for the beef jerky! They have been waiting a year for it! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!
Again, Thank you all for your prayers and support. We are having a blessed time and couldn't do it without you. Knowing you are back home supporting us keeps us going strong.
God Bless,
Debbie for David