Fall 2019 Blog 12

Fall 2019 Blog 12:  

Our Step Leaving HiS PRINT

I look at this t-shirt logo and am overwhelmed by emotions from what it represents, and the enormity of what God has done these past 14 years through HiS PRINT. A few years back, I asked my son Clay, a graphic artist, to use his talents to design a t-shirt that I could use for the ministry and he came up with this perfect design. It states who we are, how long we have been going, who we represent, and by using the "Our Steps, HiS PRINT" statement he formed a smile (which is what comes across my face every time we go!) To top it all off, he put a diamond around the entire logo to remind us of where we started: teaching baseball.  We will continue to teach between the lines, but since that first time in 2006, God has also grown this ministry far outside the lines to reach people across the city of Sisak, the country of Croatia, the region of the Balkans and the nations across the world using our steps to leave HiS PRINT  wherever He calls us to go, with everyone He causes to cross our path, by loving them right where they are and loving them in such a way they will ask why! What a ride it has been and I'm excited for the future ride it will be. What started out with one sport, in one city, in one nation, in one region of the world; has grown into several sports, other community outreach programs, in many cities, in multiple countries, across the world. ONLY GOD and we are blessed to be witnesses.

Zeljko and Andrea

Once I got back home to Texas, I received this beautiful message from Zeljko and Andrea, the Figure Skating President, after spending time in their home. He wrote to me:

“We are so pleased to meet you and to have such good people in our life. You are always welcome to our house and in our hearts.  Zeljko”

One neat thing that is store for our HiS PRINT team this summer is that I have asked Andrea if she would come out to HiS Café and Kitchen and teach the team how to make palacinke . She was excited by the offer and said she would be more than happy to do this. I told her that would be a huge blessing to our team. God is going to create more of those opportunities to use the Café and Kitchen in this way.
Zeljko and Andrea


On this MLO I didn’t get to spend the time I desired with my precious brother Janko, but the time we did spend together was a real blessing. The Terrible Duo didn’t have a chance to break out in song, and Lewis (Janko) and Clark (Me) didn’t get a chance to take an adventure across Croatia, but we did get a chance to share and spend some quality time in prayer! He is such a blessing to me and the HiS PRINT family. He is allowing us to do what we do by extending his hand in friendship, his heart in love and his home in creating a home base of fellowship in Sisak, Croatia. I pray thanking God for bringing this brother into my life over 13 years ago and to my heart every day since!
Janko (Lewis) and me (Clark)

His Reach

As I sit back and look back at all God has done through these past many years, I am overwhelmed to see the impact of what HiS PRINT has been allowed to do.

God began collecting equipment over 13 years ago.  For the first several years, each team member would hand-carry an extra 50-pound bag filled with baseball equipment to share with the Storks competitive baseball team and supplies we needed for the Texas Carnival. Then it grew in 2011 to sending a 20-foot container filled with 9,000 pounds to supply a few more baseball teams across Croatia and added tackle football equipment for the Split Sea Wolves who fell in love with American football. Then God got real busy, and starting in 2016 we have shipped a 40-foot container annually filled with 16,000-18,000 pounds to distribute across Croatia and to other countries across The Balkans and Eastern Europe. Having the ability to provide this equipment and handing a young man a football helmet or a little boy or girl a baseball glove, will always generate the question why and allows us to share Christ and His love for us.

The first picture below has footprints that show all the teams we have helped across Croatia.  The second picture shows all those we have helped across The Balkans. To date God has allowed us to share over 110,000 pounds (55 tons) with over 110 teams in 31 countries. WOW!
Map of HiS Reach in Croatia
Map of HiS Reach in The Balkans

Serbian American Football League

As a result of our help, the Serbian American Football League has grown to include more and more teams and the Serbian National Team is currently participating in the European Championship. They recently competed against and defeated the Czech Republic National Team and are headed to the Championship in France. Here is a picture of the stadium and the flags that were presented at the semi final against Czech Republic. Take a close look at the flag in the middle at the top of the steps. We are blessed to see this displayed and His presence presented!
Logo with Serbian National Football Team

Stefan and Arie

The ministry of HiS PRINT continues there at HiS HOUSE and in Sisak through Stefan and Arie, our in country disciplers. They are being used in many ways and through awesome opportunities to be the hands and feet of Jesus! They are a huge blessing to the HiS PRINT Family and we are so excited to see how God is using them.
Stefan and Arie
Stefan and Arie with Stefan's Famliy

Baby Shower (a new idea for Croatians!)

Here is a picture of a Diaper Cake. Don’t eat, but the love behind it is beyond appetizing! Arie is hosting a Baby Shower for a young Brazilian lady who she met in her Croatian language class. Arie decided to host a baby shower for her since her family is not here in Croatia! This is a new concept for Croatians, and it is such a blessing to see the energy and work that Arie is putting in to make this a special time for this young woman.
Diaper Cake


This final picture is one that is very dear to me. As I was looking at pictures from this past Fall MLO, I ran across this one and was brought to tears in the memory of my own Australian Shephard. Pickett was a dear member of our family for 18 years and I miss her dearly. This is Rex who is a border collie and works with the shepherd up in the Croatian hillside. Rex became a close companion during our short visit at the farm.  I was blessed by our short visit and friendship that was developed in the short time we were together!
Rex and me
Have a wonderful God-filled day and remember Jesus loves you and so do I! I am blessed by each of you.  With your support we can do mighty things!