Fall 2019 Blog 14

Fall 2019 Blog 14:  

Evolution of a Miracle

If you remember from Blog 8, we have been praying for a young man, Ivan (18), a HiS PRINT Camper for many years, who was hit by a city bus in Zagreb and was in a coma since October 26th. That was two days before we arrived in Croatia for the Fall MLO and when I heard from Ivan’s coach that he was in the hospital. I asked if it would be possible for us to come and visit Ivan. The family was so moved that we would be willing to take the time to come from Sisak to Zagreb that they invited us into their home for a meal and to pray with them. Then the oldest son Alen took us to the hospital and pleaded with the administrators to let me in, “Their American Uncle from Texas”, but they wouldn’t allow it. So, I told our team to spread out in the hallway and around the ICU and to pray for Ivan and all those caring for him. It was a blessed time of prayer then and we have continued to pray since. In fact, I reached out to over 80 men requesting prayer for the situation.  
Well, we serve an awesome God and He is a God of miracles. Read below and witness what God has done, and is doing today in the life of Ivan. There is a series of texts below that tell the story.

INFECTION – November 14 

I asked Ivan’s coach for an update:  “Has been up and down, but today has an infection and bacteria has set in. They are having to do an operation. I haven’t heard the outcome.” 

PRAISE GOD! – November 15 

Ivan’s coach sends me this message:  “Ivan has woken up and is reacting to commands. He can move his arms and legs.” 
So I wrote this message to all the brothers who have been praying:  "Well Brothers, after 20 days of being in a coma, Ivan woke up this morning! He is aware of who he is, where he is, able to move his eyes and arms and legs." 
Obviously he has a long way to go, but he is awake and alert. It's time to praise God for His protection and for bringing Ivan through this, and to continue praying for Ivan's recovery in gaining strength! 
Thanks for joining me and the many others in prayer for Ivan and his family! 
Ivan is circled in the picture! 

Prayers 4 Ivan

One day later (November 16), I followed up asking the guys to send a short video telling Ivan they were praying for him. I combined the clips to show Ivan and his family the body of Christ in action, to provide some color to the words of prayer that have been lifted, and to show them some of those who were lifting them in prayer. 

This is a message from Ivan’s sister Katarina after the family received the video! 
English translation:  "My friend has translated the whole video to us...we are all crying and simply don't have any words...something beautiful...thank everyone in our name and Ivan's name" 
Men, thank you for loving Ivan and his family from 6,000 miles away! God is using your words to soften and encourage hearts across Croatia! Now if that don’t give you Godbumps, check your pulse! 
Love ya Brothers,