Fall 2019 Blog 13

Fall 2019 Blog 13:  

God's Target is Our Destiny

Writing the last blog helped me realize what God has done and what He desires for us as a ministry team to do in the future. For sure we are to love people where He has called us, and to love them in a way they will always ask why, but the extent of what He is doing still amazes me. I am not surprised any more while walking His illuminated path in the direction He shines for us to go, but I am still amazed at how He does it most times.

1250 Target

Back in 2008 when God placed the vision of HiS PRINT on my heart, I began to listen more intently to His bidding. There were often times I would ask or even question, why He was sending us to Croatia and across The Balkans and Eastern Europe.  I was asking my own why and wanting Him to give me an easier road to hold. A few years after HiS PRINT was born, I was asking God why Croatia and He simply asked, “Do you see it?” It was like an audible voice I heard in my head, but had woken me from my sleep. I laid back down and heard that same phrase in my head two more times. By this time, I was wide awake and was contemplating what that statement meant and how it applied to me.  
So, I got up around 3:30 in the morning and opened my laptop. I got online and pulled up a map of Eastern Europe. I sat and stared and stared at this map for at least hour, trying to see what I was supposed to see. I wasn’t even sure if that is where I should be looking, but that is where I went. Then, slowly I began to see these circles start developing around Sisak; one circle outside another, like an archery target. Each circle was a different color and each circle was slightly larger that then the other. I immediately opened PowerPoint and copied and pasted the map I had open online. As I stared at the map I had copied onto PowerPoint, I drew a circle around Sisak where I had seen the vision online. I drew the next one and the next one until I had 5 circles drawn around each other. I looked at this target and then measured the first one and it was a 250 mile radius around Sisak. I made the next one at 500 and continued out to 1250 miles. Then I felt this peace that overcame me, “That’s why I have you going there!” God has placed us there in Sisak, Croatia so that we can reach 55 countries within that 1250 mile target. Nowhere else in the world can that be accomplished.

Since that day, I have not questioned God why He has sent us there, but there are often days I confess to Him that it sure would be easier to go 6 or 60 miles away, than it is to travel and ship 6,000 miles away. However, I always hear those peaceful words, “That’s why I have you there, and there are not many others willing to go.” It’s been a blessing to watch God allow us to reach out within that 1250 Target, as well as expand its boundaries by sending equipment well outside the target. God is so good, and we are so blessed to be where He has called us and doing what He has called us to do. 

HE DID IT!  Let's Do IT!

That brings me to another aspect of HiS PRINT that has become unique and a standard the entire HiS PRINT team lives by: HE DID IT! Let’s Do IT! That is a saying often heard around HiS PRINT team members. When one says, "HE DID IT!" someone nearby or across a field or parking lot shouts out, "Let’s Do IT!" 
HE DID IT! is John 3:16, He did it for us! God loved us enough to send His only son, and Jesus loved us enough to die in our place, for something we deserved.  
Let’s Do IT! is 1 John 3:16, since Jesus died for us, we should go out and do that for others, not counting the costs or anticipating anything in return.

That is what HiS PRINT is all about:  taking any way or means God opens for us to share His love with those that cross our paths and when they ask why, explain what Jesus did and the relationship He desires with each of them. That relationship He died for and our faith and trust in Him and Him alone reestablished that relationship with God, that our sin tore apart and separated us. Now as a result of that relationship, we go where He tells us to go and come these 6,000 miles away to develop our relationship with others so they can see, feel and experience that relationship with Him. 
HE DID IT! For us, John 3:16
Let’s Do IT! For others, 1 John 3:16 

October Baseball Championships at The Nest

The ministry continues long before we get there on our MLO’s. Here is a picture of the National Teams from Croatia, Slovenia and Germany that came and played on The NEST, home of the Sisak Storks, in early October before we came this fall. 
Croatia, Germany
Slovenia, Germany
Dugout at The Nest
The Nest
It was also a special blessing to have two of the National Teams stay at HiS HOUSE. The Slovenian and Croatian teams are seen here using the Café before a game and enjoying the fellowship of each other in the comforts of HiS HOUSE. We are blessed to have this expansion, and on the outside of the café we are adding the porch which will be completed in the next couple of weeks. 
HiS Cafe with two national baseball teams
HiS Cafe porch construction begins
HiS Cafe porch taking shape

Thank you, God!

Grasping how big God has grown HiS PRINT is hard to do.  In fact I don’t even try, I just open my arms wide, thank Him for the opportunity and the blessing of what all this has done for me over these past 14 years. I’m ready for what He has in store next! In the next blog, you will see all that He has done since we have returned. 
Thank you, God!
Have a wonderful, God-filled day and thank you again for taking the time to catch up with all that we have been doing.  The blessing you all are to me and the HiS PRINT team is immeasurable.