Fall 2019 Blog 15

Fall 2019 Blog 15: ThanksGiving

WOW! What God is up to I can only imagine! And sometimes my imagination can’t even begin to touch the surface of God’s, but it sure is fun to try!

I am still trying to grasp all that happened during this past Fall’s MLO to Croatia. While we were there God expanded HiS PRINT’s ministry of reach by 1/3 through the opportunity we had to meet new contacts. Plus, since we’ve left Stefan and Arie continue to meet more contacts and equipment requests are coming regularly. Those requests keep coming and God keeps collecting ! Now with 5 holding areas across Houston, it is getting more and more apparent we need a permanent place to call home - both for warehousing the thousands and thousands of pounds of equipment, but also a place where we can do local ministry to those here in Houston. We are continuing to pray and lift up land that has been gifted to HiS PRINT and how God will bring that new home to fruition in His timing and plan!

Thanks Giving

Before I share a little of what is going on with HiS PRINT, I dug out an old ThanksGiving post I sent several years ago that is a great reminder for this ThanksGiving Season.


Through discussions between Stefan and a local PE teacher, Stefan learned that most PE teachers in their community are required to purchase some (if not all) of the equipment to use in their school programs.  We were able to help this teacher and realized through her connections that we would be able to help others across the city. What an expansion of opportunity for HiS PRINT to reach into schools and share not only equipment, but also the chance to share by being guest teachers and use that platform to love and share about Christ. Talk about G.E.A.R that actively reaches!

G.E.A.R. is one of our new programs for the coming year. It is going to provide churches and schools from the USA an opportunity to Give Equipment that Actively Reaches across the world! Wow, it is happening and God’s not even close to being finished!
School PE Class with new balls and inflatable bats from HiS PRINT

Sisak Warehouse

Having our In-Country Disciplers Stefan and Arie at HiS HOUSE in Croatia has been a huge blessing. Stefan has been busy at the warehouse cleaning it up for the winter and going through inventory so we have an accurate account of what is there. We received an added and unexpected blessing with warehouse volunteer help from coaches of local teams who wanted to come and help in support the ministry of HiS PRINT. What a blessing!
Warehouse in Sisak "Before"
Warehouse in Sisak "Before"
Warehouse in Sisak "After"
Warehouse in Sisak "After"
Warehouse Volunteers
Warehouse Volunteers

Thanks from "A Country Not Kind to Christians"

Lastly, we just received a picture of a thankful team in a part of the world that I need to be sensitive about mentioning. They have received equipment from HiS PRINT and are so thankful to put it to use. We shipped it over 6 months ago and it took that long to get it out of customs, but thankfully they finally received it. This is why we do what God has called us to do! To share with those who need and, in the process, plant a seed of His love!
Thank you from A Country Not Kind to Christians:

Hey David, I am glad to inform you that after 6 long months and many involved we were able to get the football goods out of customs!! Praise God for his Provision! and now we know the best process for how to deal with shipping donations as well! Once again I wanted to say a huge thank you for all your work and help!
Thank you so much to HiS PRINT
Ready to hold on tight? He’s got a ride ready for us that will break open doors and tear down walls! Get a grip and let’s Go! We are going to need a Better, as well as Bigger warehouse!

I’m In. Do we have any robe riders willing to come along? Have a wonderful God filled ThanksGiving!