Fall 2019 Blog 11

Fall 2019 Blog 11:  More, More, More

Our last day in country was spent doing a little bit More. We met a few More people, we saw More opportunities to do ministry in the future, we had time to teach More things to Stefan and found out God was collecting More equipment back home. In fact, He had collected so many boxes at our doorstep and in front of our garage, that my bride, Debbie, had to create space in our garage to put them all in. In fact, we have so much there, that we can actually call it another warehouse to store what God has collected, which gives us 5 warehouse locations across Houston.
Gifts from God's People
Gifts keep coming!
Warehouse #5 (garage is full!)


What was happening back in Croatia was a flurry of activity that we wanted to accomplish prior to our leaving and were blessed with the opportunity to do so.

KAS Horse Ministry to the Handicapped

We had a meeting with the administrators of KAS Horse Ministry to the Handicapped in the afternoon. We wanted to reach out to them and say thank you for coming to the Texas Carnival this past summer and being a part of the activities. They had provided horse and pony rides to the children and parents during the carnival and it was such a success we wanted to ask them to participate again in 2020. Not only were they receptive to returning next summer, but they were very interested in having us bring a group of people out to their stables and help with the handicapped kids when they came on property.  They would also love for us to bring a work crew out to help them paint and do some maintenance jobs that needed to get done. We quickly agreed and look forward to deepening this relationship by helping and loving them where they are.
KAS Administrators
KAS Horse Ministry

Kickboxing Club of Sisak

We finished the evening with a visit to the local Kickboxing Club of Sisak to meet the instructors, watch a little of their program and to listen to the needs they have in the area of equipment. It was a great time and comforting to know that I had already met and had relationships with two of the instructors but had never been invited to come and watch. In fact, it was Vlado, the manager the hotel of Bakun that I had just met the day before, who invited me to come and watch and see if there was a way HiS PRINT could help with equipment in the future.
Kick Boxing

Shelf Building at His House

In between the visits to KAS and the Kickboxing, Travis was able to spend time with Stefan and help him work on some shelves that his bride, Arie, desired to have put in the small kitchen they use daily.  These new shelves will replace the old cabinets that were in the kitchen. Stefan was a quick learner and with Travis’s close eye and guiding hand, those shelves were cut, stained and put into place before we left the country, bright and early on Wednesday morning.
Cutting shelves
Staining shelves
Shelves up
New kitchen!
Witnessing all that went on this Fall MLO, I am still processing in my mind and grasping all that God did. It is going to take a week or two to completely comprehend, but to be a part of it was such a blessing!

Thanks to each of you for helping us accomplish so much, through your prayers of guidance and support and your financial backing that allows all of this to come to fruition.
HE DID IT! For us! John 3:16
Let’s Do IT! For others! 1 John 3:16