March 16b: Croatia MLO - Prayer Summit Complete


Life has really been a blur, as it usually is while we are here on our Mission Learning Opportunities, whether it be summer, fall or winter! Blessed to come here any time of the year God calls us to be here! The ministry opportunities are now as equally available any time of year! 

We are off to take Bobby D to the airport and then to Hungary to visit another place to do camp in the future as well as to a little sightseeing. I will give more of an update on what has happened in the past couple of days, but for now I would appreciate your prayers as well as one huge praise!

Please pray for Judy Peters who is a dear friend of mine who is in need of your prayers. She is in such pain that she is bed ridden and no pain reliever has eased her situation. She has recently given a kidney and they are doing all kinds of tests but can reveal anything! Please pray!

Secondly, PRAISE GOD that the shipment has arrived,

Blessings and remember that Jesus loves you and so do I!