March 9, 2016: Intentional Walk Clinic (Sisak, Croatia)

Well Folks,

Made it safely to Croatia and although I got very sick for most of the flight from Houston to Amsterdam, I was much better on the 2 hour flight to Croatia and actually fell asleep before we lifted off and didn't wake till we landed. Got our rental van with no problems and all our extra luggage made it with us, which is more than I can say about our shipment we sent with UPS last week. It is still not set for delivery until the 15th which is two days after the completion of the coaches clinic.

So once I got here and showed Pastor Bill around HiS HOUSE, I hit the ground running trying to come up with door prizes and other gear for the coaches. God is so good and from our storage garage I was able to get a lot of what I had sent. The only thing missing is the baseballs and gloves. We will make due with what we have and use the shipment when it comes for another one in the future. God is in control!!

Saw many of the Storks and Coach Daniel as well as spent time visiting with Janko. It is a blessing to be back home! I will try and fill in more later, but gotta run for now. My eyes keeping shutting as I am typing and all of the sudden I have a long line of fffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff or kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk's

Gotta get some shut eye. Been a long 36 hours and need at least some rest. Could use your prayers for the shipment and for rest before I get up early to go get Coach Michael Johnstone coming in from Kosovo.

Blessings and thanks for everyone's support.