March 14: Croatia MLO Day 6


Today was a very busy but productive one!  I'll give you a few highlights before I crash for the night:

  • The most popular items of the weekend were the Little League trophies! We had close to 250 trophies donated, and they were gone in a flash!

  • We met today with the men who have applied with Little League International for a charter for the first ever Croatian Little League! They were so excited to be a part of a Minor League Division and a Major League Division with 5 teams in one and 6 teams in the other! Sisak will have a team in the Minor Division.   We told the coaches that we would help them with equipment, uniforms and trophies and would go to our area leagues and get some adoptions for their teams. Let's get the word out, Houston!
  • We also met with the hockey team president and coach, and they are very excited to ask us to come and do a hockey camp and be with them for the future. It was a great meeting and another opportunity to share our love of Jesus. We did a hockey camp 3 years ago and look forward to rejoining them. We now have a US hockey connection with the President of USA Youth Hockey, so we have a great opportunity to collect gear and help them out. We are going to practice with the hockey team tonight so that we can greet all the players and parents. 
  • We started the Prayer Summit this evening after a full day of garage cleaning, house straightening and chore running!   We had around 20 people participating in the Prayer Summit. Following the introduction, opening prayer and a wonderful time of worship, we were blessed with Pastor Bill's teaching on Unity, Diversity and Teamwork. Speaking of Pastor Bill, he hit a Grand Slam on Sunday when he preached at two different churches. It is so wonderful to have him here and watching him serve and share his heart to the people of Croatia! I hope he has trouble saying "no" next year when the people and I ask him back.  The same holds true for Michael Johnstone who joined our team from Kosovo! He fit like a glove with the rest of us and I look forward to more of those times coaching and sharing Christ alongside him! 
  • We also met with the owner and general manager of Applied Ceramics here in Sisak to discuss the opportunities we may have to bring in business to the area!  It was a blessed meeting and further discussions and meetings have already been arranged.  
  • We even got into a discussion about CrossFit and the chances of making that happen here in Sisak. This issue really sparked an interest in Milan and he really wants to pursue that!  Now I see why God had my path cross with a gentleman who owns weight and CrossFit equipment and who has the desire to help outfit those who come through HiS PRINT and want to use CrossFit to love people where they are and love them till they ask why!
  • I would have never guessed 10 years ago that God was going to make us the HiS PRINT Sports Authority one stop shop! I am so blessed to watch the expansion and just hanging onto Jesus's robe with the faith of the ailing women in scripture, "If I could just touch the hem of His robe!"

That's it for tonight.  Remember, God loves you and so do I!