Croatia 2013 - Day 11

Day 11

Monday was a day of new beginnings as well as a day of keeping your promise.

We went back to the SOS Orphanage for the second year and put on an information session on Cowboys. The Orphanage is located in a small village about 30 minutes outside of Sisak. We were there last year for two days but were asked to come back for a longer stay this year. We have planned everyday a talk that covers something about Texas that the kids would like to learn about. Today was Cowboys and Rusty gave the talk and to watch a gentleman of the older variety lite up and talk about the old west and share his YEEEEE HAAWWWWW with a room full of little children was a delight to witness. 
We handed out cowboy straw hats and bandannas and the children had a ball. After the talk we spent about 45 minutes playing with the children in the yard. Not sure who was blessed more, them having adults play with them or us in having the chance to pour into this young little hearts. They especially like the male adult figures as they have very little interaction with.

In the afternoon, we went to a new children’s library in a different part of Sisak to conduct our information sessions and to love a new part of the city! Rusty did his talk again on cowboys and we had about 18 attend. 

After the program we took shirts, hats and balls down to the gypsy village again and they were waiting for us. They were there were we met them last time and when we drove past them to turn around they all came running for us. 
We drove back to the same spot but were a little more organized than last time. I split the gifts up into the three cars we were in and that split the group up a little. We met some faces we had seen the last time and also some new ones. I did not see Gargon who I had met last time but saw  several men that I had seen before. I spoke with Monmark, who was there with his wife visiting her family. Her father was in the hospital and his name is Georga. I told Monmark that we would pray for him and for that he was extremely thankful. As we started to leave we were thanked by many people and told us thank you for coming back as we promised. 

I am seeing a new ministry develop before our eyes. They had asked Stefan if they could learn baseball as well so we will look for an open area to teach them the game of baseball. Also we see where many of the clothes are donated for the Croatia garage sales can be packed up and brought her to give to these very poor people. A very old women came up to Shannon and pointed out she needed a dress and Shannon went and purchased a couple of them to take back with us when we go on Friday. Please pray for us to find the man of peace amongst this group so we can sit with him and find out how we can help.

In the evening several of the Storks came and said goodbye to Rusty as he was leaving in the morning. It is great to see the affection these Storks pour out to the people in the ministry team.

Can’t wait to fill you in on Split, as I head there on later today to share with the football camp and to keep my promise that I would come!

Have a wonderful God filled day!