2020 Blog 1

How many of you have started the year off with a New Year’s Resolution and 5 days into the new year, the resolution has already been broken! Hands raised; Mine are! I had every intention to start 2020 with a new blog at least twice a month, to keep you all posted on all that is going on and keep you up to date with new developments. Well, here we are in March and I have yet to get one blog out for 2020.  
Let me take just a moment to catch you up on all that is going with me personally and maybe you will cut me a little slack for not keeping with my new year's resolution. Starting in the middle of November, I started losing energy and felt like I wasn’t catching my breath. Right after Thanksgiving it got worse, to the point I couldn’t walk 20 feet without getting tired and needing to rest. I got in to see my general practitioner and failed my EKG. She immediately got me to a cardiologist, and he put me through echo, bloodwork and stress test. I failed the stress test and was immediately sent in to have a heart cath done to see if I had any blockages. Praise God, I didn’t, but that didn’t solve my problem of having no energy. I then wore a heart monitor for 14 days and its findings were inconclusive. We next went to an internal medicine doctor and the end of January, spent 5 days in the hospital to get a good and thorough internal checkup. 
Dr. Ali put me through tests, blood work, kidney scans, heart and lung CT’s, lung MRI, cardiac MRI and almost any other imaginable test you can think of. Had another heart cath done and this time also looked at my pressures in the heart, which all turned out excellent. Lungs clear and strong, bloodwork came back normal, yet I was still having PVC’s every time I walked. It was finally concluded that I was a cardiac mystery and that due to my electrical malfunctions, I would need to either go through a 6-hour procedure to correct the problem or try and block them with medication. So, since February 5 to today, I have been on two different types of beta blockers to try and stop the PVC’s (extra heartbeats), while not slowing my resting heartbeat too low where it causes the same problem. We have gotten closer to the victory, I have my energy back to about 80% and I can accomplish tasks, like sitting down and writing a blog. Currently, the medication I am taking, is causing some issues with my kidneys and have had to have more blood work done as recently as Monday March 2.  
I am blessed knowing God has placed the proper medical people in my path and we have begun to identify the problem and getting the issue taken care of. I know this is no surprise to God and I can rest in knowing that He is in control. I am saddened that I am not able to go to Croatia this March for our Spring MLO, but travel is just not good for me yet and until I can get my strength up, oxygen levels good and kidney functioning properly, it’s best I stay stateside and let those who we have trained and discipled to handle the mission this time. I will update you on all that is happening with this year’s Spring MLO later in the week, so you can be praying for all the activities we have going on and those traveling. 
God bless and thank you for your support of HiS PRINT.