2020 Blog 3

Doesn’t it say somewhere in scripture that we are to go and make disciples? Oh yeah! In Matthew 28:19 Jesus told us specifically to do that and throughout scripture we see that modeled for us. Question for each of us: Do we do that? Do we purposely bring people into our lives, to walk life with, to pour into and to teach so that they can go and do the same? Or are we to caught up in doing it all ourselves because we don’t have time to teach, or they won’t do it as good or maybe jealousy that they may do it better! Jesus told us to go and make disciples, Paul modeled it throughout the New Testament and we should be doing exactly that today: so that those who have walked life with you, can lead as you have modeled. Do we allow that to happen? 
Well, God has a way of shoving you to the side, if you haven’t allowed that to happen and will slap you upside the head with a 2x4 if you're not careful, to ensure you are carrying out His commands. As most of you know I have had my share of health issues these past several months and what started out at the end of the year in 2019 with heart health issues, has continued into the start of 2020 with the same issues as well as a few others that have crept in. We are getting to the bottom of all of this, but with many steps forward there seems to be a set back here and there and that has kept me close to home and unable to travel. These past two weeks I was supposed to be leading a team of Christ followers over to Croatia to conduct our Spring MLO (Mission Learning Opportunity), but God had other plans for me and decided to sit me on the bench and allow me to watch Him work through those He has placed in my life to carry ministry on in my absence. 
Carry on it has! I have been blessed to speak with and receive updates from all those there in country, on the ground leading this year’s MLO. We have so many moving parts and areas of opportunity to minister, that it is hard to take it all in. Sitting here stateside, has allowed me to truly grasp how big God has grown HiS PRINT and the ministry outreach it has established! And to watch it all roll on without my hands on it, to mess it up! From Stefan and Arie leading the charge at HiS HOUSE and the community outreaches we have throughout the city of Sisak; to Lordan and his work with the business community and keeping the communication lines open and running smoothly, even in having to cancel several business functions and workshops we had planned for this mission. Although we were disappointed in doing that, we have received confirmation after confirmation, that it was the right thing to do! Due to the Corona Virus, it has been strongly suggested that no large gatherings happen in meeting spaces and since we have a cooperation with Applied Ceramics and Pisak, where we host our workshops, we voted to postpone this year's My Utmost Business Workshops to a later date! We will host this in early summer, prayerfully. 

Library Program

Brandon Hoybach has been the only member of the HiS PRINT team from the states that made this year's trek across the pond. We have several new faces that also made the journey and are busy on the sports and school program side of things since arriving over the weekend.

Thomas Amoruso is there to help with the baseball program and is actually going to be this year's Croatian National Coach for the 12U Little League team and will take them to Poland to participate in the Little League European Championships! He has been busy with school programs and giving private lessons. Was also there to meet other coaches across Croatia at a tournament in Zagreb. He is doing a great job from the reports and we may have a new resident living in Croatia in the future! Thomas is really enjoying himself 


John Dutton and his family, wife Terina, sons Zach and Drew and daughter Gabriela, all made the trip over from California. John and Terina and I met over the internet when they reached out to our HiS PRINT website inquiring about how to get involved with the ministry. John is a former NFL and Arena Football player that has been doing ministry in Africa, but recently felt the calling to The Balkans! They researched sports ministries in the region and came across us, reached out and we have been talking since the end of last summer. I have spent several hours talking and praying with them on the phone and was blessed to hear that they wanted to join us for this Spring’s MLO. Stefan has had them busy with doing a school program and currently Brandon has them over in Serbia doing a Quarterback’s camp in Novi Sad and Belgrade. As you can see from the pictures all has been successful and the turnouts have been tremendous. All of these programs allow us to share His love to those who participate. Please continue to pray for open doors, open minds and receptive hearts to hear about His truth. 


School Programs

I am blessed to be sitting on the pine bench and witnessing all of this going on. To be honest with you; I’m pretty sure it is all going better than if I were there, and I can assure you that it is going according to His plan and at His pace. Have a wonderful God filled day!