2020 Blog 2

Thanks to you all for your prayers and concerns over my health. I am blessed to have so many pray and reach out! Thank You! I guess I will share with you what occurred during that time. Even though I was down, was not out and was extremely blessed with all that God still had go on around me. Although I wasn’t up to full speed and for much up, at no speed, God kept the ministry going and the outreach extended to those we have had the pleasure to have met over the years and actually were blessed to host. 
Many of you may not know, but we have a ministry of outreach where HiS PRINT extends in-country scholarships to out of country players, coaches and individuals to come to the United States and spend week to two weeks here with us. The only obligation the individual has is to provide their own transportation to get here. This has been a blessing to host many over the years and look forward to more in the future. BUT, this all would not be made possible without the open heart and openness of my precious bride who extends her hand of welcome to everyone who comes and opens her heart of love to all those who walk into our house! She is the absolute best and without her this ministry would have a huge hole! We have been doing this for over 10 years and have blessed by each of those visitors. Secondly, this could not be accomplished without the financial support of so many and the support of the entire HiS PRINT team. When those who come arrive, several team members come and take our visitors into their own homes, family activities and gatherings they are involved in.  
Well, we actually had two such visitors during my health scare and although I was bummed that I couldn’t do all I wanted to with each of them, I was blessed beyond measure in spending the extended time with both of them, while I was unable to much, because of the lack of energy. We were blessed to have a two week visit with Vukasin (Vuk) from Serbia in the middle of December and then that was followed up by a month visit with Nedo from Croatia. Both men blessed me richly by sitting with me to read scripture, watch movies or just sit and talk and pray. This time of slowing down, was difficult for me and I wanted to rush things along at my pace, but God had different plans and that I wasn’t going to go any faster than His pace, and that I needed to rest in His presence and the presence of those He sent here at this time.  What a blessing it was and wouldn’t trade it for anything.  
Vuk and I had a wonderful time of watching movie after movie and sharing each other's life experiences while I laid on the couch, unable to do much more than walk to the bathroom and back, without getting completely exhausted. Vuk was patient with me and even got angry with me when I wanted to try and do things I couldn’t. You see, we bring these young coaches, players, business people over to have an experience of a lifetime by meeting with coaches and players in their sport, visiting schools, fields and other experiences wrapped around their interests. Well, Vuk didn’t get to all this I had planned, but he also got to do much more than I had planned as well.  One of our HiS PRINT team members, who is a real life cowboy, came and grabbed Vuk for three days and took him out on a few ranches to wrestle some cattle. I wish I had pictures of him riding his horse as he went and corralled some cattle out on a ranch, but I only have video. That was an experience of a lifetime for Vuk and my agenda would have gotten in the way of God’s purpose and agenda, had I been healthy. Love how God works. 
Our next visitor was Nedo from Croatia. Nedo has come and stayed with us two times before and each time we have been blessed by his stay. My two sons have become dear friends with him, they are all in the mid 20’s, so that has been a blessing in and of itself. Our youngest son, Clay actually now lives in Austin and invited Nedo to come and visit him there. Our oldest son Grant and Nedo went and spent a weekend in Austin and had a great time with Clay and his friends there as well as visiting the state capitol and other places around Austin. Nedo is a young man, on fire for the Lord and his desire is to be used by God as a coach! To help players achieve their goals and live out their dreams on the playing field. He is a very gifted athlete and came to the states to train for American Football and hopefully have a chance to play in the states. While on this last visit, he came to the realization that God had other plans for him and through prayers and listening for God’s leading, Nedo now sees God’s plan through coaching. We spent hours in Bible Study and prayer (as well as watching several movies) and were blessed through that time together and with God. 
We are so blessed by this ministry of outreach that brings people to the states and have an experience they may otherwise never have the chance to have. Bringing them here gives us the wonderful opportunity to love them where they are and share Christ where we live! Thanks for your prayers and support.