Summer MLO Blog 5

2019 Summer MLO Blog 5

Hello Folks,
I am actually finally typing again, although gingerly. I have been working on the brick wall outside the HiS HOUSE Café and filling in between the bricks with mortar. Well it just so happens, these soft, baseball, administrative hands didn't take too kindly to the manual labor of working with cement and ended up with blisters on the end of each of my finger tips! Ugly blood blisters that have kept me down for a few days. They are finally improving to the point where I can press down on a keyboard!

Looking forward to getting back on that wall, but the next two days will be spent at the warehouse sorting and packing things up for the teams who have requested.

Berlin Wall

One of the places that I didn't mention on my trip to Germany was the walk I made at the Wall while in Berlin. It was actually very cold that morning and Jeff and I made the drive over to the memorial for the Wall early, before the city got up. It was a sad feeling looking at the remnants of the Berlin Wall that separated a city from the east and west. The horrible events that happened and surrounded that area were difficult to read, but what a blessing it is to now see that it is no longer a barrier, but only a reminder how wicked man can be when they do not trust one another. May the walls of heart also be torn down, if any remain and allow His love to flow freely to those who cross our path.


Since returning back to Croatia and HiS HOUSE, I have had times of extreme activity and times of just being able to sit and read, meditate and work on things that need attention. The weather had been hit and miss with beautiful days of sunshine and cool breezes, mixed in with days of rain and chilly wind! I have actually enjoyed both, because that allowed me to do the slow down activities that I desire, but don't often take the time to do.
HiS HOUSE is a flurry of activity with the expansion projects we have going on. The Upper Room and Solomon's Porch expansion are the areas of concentration, so that we can enclose the Upper Room and use it when our summer team and visitors arrive. The Café and Kitchen will have to wait until we have more finances and can complete the expansion there as well! Once completed we will not only have a conference room and patio upstairs that can accommodate 150 people, but we will have a kitchen that can feed and a café that can sit over 50. Excited to see the process and actually help in making it happen. For those of you that have been here, wait till you see this in person! You won't be able to believe the improvements and for those of you that have not seen or are coming this year for the first time, you will just have to take our word for it and let the pictures of what was tell the story!

Sisak Association Day 

This past Saturday the city hosted an Association Day where all Associations, Clubs and Teams could come out and have a booth and display to show what they do and provide for the people of Sisak. It was a beautiful day and to see the wide variety of Associations and Clubs was really cool. I helped at the Sisak Storks baseball booth and cage as well as walked around to meet people and see what all was offered. It was neat to see old friends and the chance to shake hands with some new ones. This was the first year they had actually hosted it down town on River Board Walk where we host the Texas Carnival. Walking around actually gave me several ideas of what we could do differently to improve the Carnival. 
Enjoy a few of the roses and flowers that we have surrounding HiS HOUSE. They are absolutely stunning.
Have a wonderful God filled day and remember Jesus loves you and so do I!