Summer MLO Blog 4

2019 Summer MLO Blog 4

Hello Folks,
I am typing, or at least attempting to type, with bandaged fingers on my right hand from small blisters on the tips of my fingers, caused by some brick and mortar work I am doing around HiS HOUSE. But more on that later, I gotta share with you some of what has happened since my last post and with my travels to Germany and back and what has been going on around here, in Sisak Croatia.

I am having to look back at pictures that I took over these past several days to remind me of what has been going on and the blessings received in the process. So first let me share some really neat news from the ECSU (European Christian Sports Union) Conference I attended last week in Altenkirchen, Germany.


There were over 370 people from 37 countries gathered together, all of whom use sport across Europe to share the love of Christ. It was so refreshing and encouraging to spend time with other believers who are spread across Europe and gathered together to be encouraged through worship, workshops and fellowship with one another. This is my 3rd conference, they take place every other year, and this marked the 30th anniversary of the formation of the ECSU! It was a blessing to be invited and included in this wonderful outreach and to see and hear all the stories of what God is doing across Europe! I was able to re-establish old relationships as well as establish new ones! I was able to share with others the HiS PRINT story and the availability of equipment if there are needs anyone has in their ministries.

It is pretty cool to witness most of the countries from the 1250 Target that God laid on our hearts way back in 2010, when we began to ask why Sisak, Croatia. During that time of prayer and asking God for direction, He revealed the 1250 Target across the map of Europe. The target extends out from Sisak, in intervals of 250 miles, out to 1250. In the first 230 miles we can reach 11 countries, and when extended out to 1250 miles we can reach 55 countries. It's quite amazing when you really take the time to think about that. Take anywhere else in the world and begin to draw a target out to 1250 miles, and you won't find that kind of coverage and those possibilities. In fact to put it into perspective, if  you start in Houston and draw a 1250 mile circle, you're barely outside of Texas at 750 miles! God has blessed us by placing us here in this part of the world, and by opening up invitations like the ECSU we see His hand at work constantly.
Dino from Split, Croatia at the ECSU
Friends from Macedonia
Picture of The Gathering
At the end of the conference (Gathering) it was such a blessing to be sitting around a table full of brothers and sisters from The Balkans, strategizing about next steps and how we can help one another in sharing His love. Represented were Bosnia, Serbia, Macedonia, Slovenia, Croatia. Our brothers and sisters from Montenegro and Kosovo had to leave that morning and were not able to join.

This meeting was very encouraging and the start to finding out what each other is doing, how we can all help one another and what needs each of us have. Please be praying for this to just be the first step in the journey of unity and sharing life and ministry together and that it will not stop, just as it is just getting started. I have offered HiS HOUSE to be a place for all of us to gather and continue this journey.
The table meeting


Before the heading to the ECSU, Jeff Sutherland and I met in the Frankfurt airport and headed across Germany to Berlin for a visit with a brother in Christ that both of us knew but had never met. Jeff is with Fellowship of Christian Athletes and is the European FCA contact.  We have developed a strong bond of friendship over the past several years!

This trip was great windshield time as well as an opportunity to form a new bond of friendship with Shane Roley. Shane is using baseball to share the gospel in Berlin, and several years ago he reached out to FCA asking for some guidance and help with sports equipment. Jeff put him in touch with HiS PRINTand we sent him hundreds of pounds of baseball gear. His academy, "28 Baseball" (name is based on Matthew 28) is currently located in the middle of Berlin in an old airport hanger. The space is remarkable and the favor Shane has been granted is straight from God! Please keep all of these missionaries from across Europe and The Balkans who are using sport to share the gospel in your prayers.
Shane Roley in Berlin, Germany
Airport hanger where Shane houses his "28 Baseball" academy
Everyone have a wonderful God filled week and when God lays us on your mind, please lift us up in prayer!
Remember Jesus loves you and so do I!